Interview with TEDxMETUNCC

Muhammad Arshad Hussian 

  • Can you inform us about your society? 

TED is a global organization which revolves around the idea of sharing ideas worth spreading. TEDxMETUNCC is a society which brings the idea of sharing ideas into our campus alongside organizing social activities for the students. TEDxMETUNCC is among the biggest societies on campus with students from several cultures and backgrounds. We provide our students with opportunities to share their ideas and express their thoughts. Our society is open for everyone, its not specified to some part of students body nor to any specific walk of life. Like TED we welcome anyone who aims to seek a deeper understanding of world, and we believe that the power of ideas can change attitudes, lives and the world. 

  • What are your activities?

Our society organizes seminars with each having a different theme, we organized seminars which educated our students on tips and techniques about public speaking. We organized a laughing therapy session which was a unique and one of a kind activity. Apart from these we organized women’s football tournament which helped the female footballers on campus to showcase their talents and break stereotypes alongside which we introduced a game called X hunting. Our team alongside newly recruited members worked together on the event TEDxMETUNCC itself which I personally think was a magnificent event fulfilling our goals as a society.        

  • What are your plans for upcoming term?


One of our aims for the upcoming term is to increase the radius of our audience by encouraging more people to share their ideas and take part in our social activities. We aim to work with members coming from every culture on campus and get to know more people consequently more ideas and more ways of life. Finally we wish to maintain a fun work environment for our TEDxMETUNCC family and organize amazing events for every student on campus.

  • What else you want to say before we finish the interview?


At the end I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for every member of TEDxMETUNCC who makes the society what it is now. And we aim to work harder on our innovative ideas and grow larger as a society. Thank You.



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