Diversity Statement

Middle East Technical University – Northern Cyprus Campus Diversity Statement

Middle East Technical University – Northern Cyprus Campus is committed to continuing the tradition of broad and inclusive intellectual engagement that has defined Middle East Technical University campuses for over 50 years. Built on principles of mutual respect and positive engagement, the strength of our community is derived from sharing learning experiences that embrace the unique viewpoints and life experiences of our campus citizens. With faculty and students from all over the world, we benefit from an inclusive learning environment that is enriched by diverse cultural and life experiences of our community members while embracing a mutual commitment to academic freedom and interdisciplinary scientific research. Our educational and social interactions are enriched by the varied cultural experiences of our campus citizens creating an intellectual community that thrives on shared communication and discovery. We embrace the educational and research challenges that originate in the positive engagement and learning opportunities within our culturally enriched campus community. METU NCC is our intellectual home, built from acceptance and mutual respect as we learn from and with one another.

Together we recognize the necessity for a university code of academic ethics and disciplinary regulations. As a community we strive to abide by these codes and regulations out of respect for the well-being of ourselves and those with whom we share the campus community. Through positive engagement and mutual respect for each other, our actions and contributions in our community will continue to be a source of strength supporting the mission and goals of METU NCC.