Art Atudio

Art Studio

The art studio was established in the spring of 2007 to provide METU NCC students with the opportunity to express their creativity and skills and to contribute to their social development. The art studio allows participants to express themselves through art by using all kinds of visual materials in a workshop environment. 


  1. The Art Studio is a facility that is used by members of the METU NCC Fine Arts Club, METU NCC students taking elective art courses offered at the Studio throughout the academic year during the specified days and times.
  1. The Art Studio can be used for 4 hours per week by all members of the Fine Arts Club between 19:00-21:00, twice a week. Weekly availability schedule will be displayed at the entrance of the Studio each semester.
  1. Instructor responsible for the Studio or student assistants assigned to the Studio will provide technical information participants may need when they use the studio equipment and tools. Informative presentations that are held in the first week of each academic year introduce the types of applied art offered at the Studio as well as providing practical information on how to use the Studio.
  1. Art Studio participants are responsible for the studio equipment and tools during the use period. It is the users’ responsibility to leave the Studio in the same condition as at the outset of the session. Violation of the Studio rules will result in a warning.
  1. Participants must allocate 10-15 minutes to clean and arrange tools and equipment they used before the session ends or the Studio closes.
  1. Tools and equipment should be washed, as demonstrated by the person in charge, or cleaned with a damp cloth and placed on the relevant shelves in accordance with the general arrangement.
  1. The Art Studio is a place where a variety of academic courses are held three days a week. During this time, the use of the Studio is limited to students taking elective art courses.