Principles of DSU

Principles of DSU
  • Confidentiality: The METU NCC Disability Support Unit will not disclose personal information of a student who reveals his/her disability to any person or organization without the consent of the student.


  • Voluntariness:  The METU NCC Disability Support Unitprovides opportunities for students to reveal their disabilities; however, it does not force students to apply to the Unit and receive services.


  • Respect: The METU NCC Disability Support Unit is sensitive to the fact that each individual’s needs and abilities differ. The Unit promotes respect for individual differences of students with disabilities.


  • Equality of Opportunity for Education:  In collaboration with the relevant individuals and units, the METU NCC Disability Support Unit conducts activities to provide learning strategies and evaluation methodologies adapted to the disability situation of the student so as to assist the student in fulfilling his/her academic responsibilities and thus to facilitate the learning process.


  • Accessibility: The METU NCC Disability Support Unit coordinates efforts, along with the related offices, to make the University physically, socially and academically more accessible to students with special needs.


  • Openness to Feedback: The METU NCC Disability Support Unit is open to receiving feedback; it perceives the feedback from students and academic and administrative staff as an opportunity to function better.


  • Responsibility: Just as the METU NCC Disability Support Unit has the responsibility to create an environment where students with disabilities can flourish and fulfil their potential, the student who contacts the Unit has individual responsibilities that accompany this process.