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Address: Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus, 99738 Kalkanlı, Güzelyurt, Mersin 10, Turkey
Telephone: +90 392 661 2000
Faks: +90 392 661 2009
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WhatsApp:  +90 533 823 0800
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International Student Association facebook-hesabı        
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Fantastic Fiction Society facebook-hesabı        
Ataturk's Thought Club facebook-hesabı        
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Sub-Aqua Society facebook-hesabı       instagram-hesabı
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Radio Society facebook-hesabı        
Society of Guidance and Psychological Counseling facebook-hesabı        
Community Volunteers Club facebook-hesabı        
Socialist Thought Club facebook-hesabı        
Cinema Club facebook-hesabı        
Psychology Club facebook-hesabı        
Mockup  Club facebook-hesabı        
Model United Nations Society facebook-hesabı        
Turkish Classical Music Society facebook-hesabı        
Civil and Construction Society facebook-hesabı        
Economics Club facebook-hesabı        
Aviation and Aerospace Society facebook-hesabı        
Fine Arts Club facebook-hesabı        
Theater Club facebook-hesabı        
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) Student Society facebook-hesabı twitter-hesabı youtube-hesabı instagram-hesabı
Photography Club facebook-hesabı        
Energy Society facebook-hesabı