Photography Studio


Photography Club has designed their society room like a photo studio and has been offering various services for seven years on campus. Many types of equipments are used by Photography Club in the photo studio. All members of association can use the studio under the supervision of an experienced member.


  • The Photography Studio is only available to those who have attended the Basic Photography and Studio Use courses offered by the Photography Club.
  • To use the studio, please complete a booking form stating your name and when you want to use the studio, at least 1 day in advance.
  • Studio keys will be kept by the Chair and the Vice-Chair of the Photography Club as well as by the Head of Auditory Board at all times.
  • Please contact the Chair or Vice-Chair of the Photography Club to get the studio key. Return it when your session has ended.
  • The user will be responsible for any damage or loss which may occur during the session to the studio facilities, as well as for keeping the venue clean.
  • Please leave the studio in perfect condition when your session has ended.
  • Before leaving the studio, please ensure that ALL devices are switched off. This includes 2 para flashes, 2 constant lights, air conditioner, computer, lamps, and UPS devices.
  • The curtain chains will easily shift through the gears. Handle them gently.
  • The studio equipment can only be used in the studio.
  • The computer in the studio cannot be used for purposes not approved by the Photography Club.
  • The necessary programs are installed on the computer in the studio. Users are not allowed to download additional programs, games or files (including ones for photographic purposes), without the Photography Club’s prior approval.
  • Each user shares responsiblity for the cleanliness and safety of the studio.
  • Anyone who wishes to use the studio is deemed to have agreed to each of these rules.
  • Failure to obey any of these rules will result in a penalty of 1 point. Anyone who receives 3 penalty points will be dismissed from the Photography Club.
  • The FotODTÜ Executive Board reserves the right to make changes to the guidelines pertaining to the use of their society room upon the approval by the Office of Social and Cultural Affairs.