Culture and Convention Center



The METU Northern Cyprus Campus promotes the development of arts, culture and science in the district it is situated through different social, cultural and academic events. The CCC, which has a perfect architecture and technical infrastructure, contains one 522-person auditorium, one 210-person auditorium and two 109-person auditoriums. The facility also has a total of 7 seminar rooms, of which four are 20-person and three are 60-person rooms, a smart room and five simultaneous interpretation rooms. The facility offers 5791m² of space.

METU NCC Culture and Convention Center Guidelines:

  1. Booking requests for the Amphi, Seminar Room and Music Studio must be submitted to the Directorate of Social and Cultural Affairs on the Thursday of the week preceding the requested due date by 16:00 at the latest.
  2. Teaching sessions are not permitted in the Culture and Convention Center.
  3. Booking requests for equipments that are required in the Amphi and Seminar Room (projector, sound and lighting system, etc.)must be submitted to the Directorate of Social and Cultural Affairs, by Thursday at the latest.
  4. Equipments booked but not used will not be provided when again requested. (Excluding the cases when technical problems are experienced)
  5. Food and beverages are not permitted in the Amphi, Seminar Room and Music Studio.
  6. Individual user/s or groups of users are responsible for the property and equipment in the CCC and in the halls, during the time they use the venue.
  7. In the event that participation is low, the booked hall is cancelled. (A minimum of 10 people required)
  8. Any booking request, submitted to the other units (including the Directorate of Administrative Affairs, the Directorate of Construction and Technical Services, the Security Unit, and the CIB), regarding the use of the CCC, are not taken into consideration.
  9. CCC users should not force the main entrance gate open. Please contact the person in charge if the gate doesn’t open. If the electronic components of the gate are damaged through user neglect or misuse, the relevant user(s) will be charged appropriate replacement costs.
  10. The CCC properties and equipment cannot be moved away to other locations without permissison.
  11. It is forbidden to put up a poster on the CCC walls.
  12. Decorations that may cause damage to the stage and the stage walls must be avoided.
  13. Every attempt should be made to avoid noise during the concurrent activities.

Culture and Convention Center Hall maps