Dorm and Room Options


Students wishing to stay in the METU Northern Cyprus Campus dormitories have to make an online application using the link http://basvuru.ncc.metu.edu.tr/ within the period set by the Dormitory Administration and announced at nccdormsatmetu.edu.tr .  They need to reapply for accommodation before each academic year begins. Dormitory rooms are assigned to students on a yearly basis.
The METU NCC Admission and Placement Policy for Dormitories applies to the admission of students to and their placement into the dormitories.
Accommodation is guaranteed for the first two years on campus for international students. It is absolutely necessary for students with guaranteed dorm right (first two years) (a) to fill in application form in the 1st Phase, (b) to select all dorm options given in order of preference and (c) to make the 1st term payment until the due date.  If any of these conditions is not met, the guaranteed dorm right is lost. Those students can still apply later but their applications will be considered if vacancies are available.
Students who have 50 or more disciplinary punishment points loose guaranteed dorm right and their applications are assessed together with other students.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Important announcements related to dormitories are made via the link nccdormsatmetu.edu.tr  .  To keep yourself informed about details such as key dates, etc., please follow the announcements made.
METU Northern Cyprus Campus dormitories are furnished with state of the art technology, offering students a safe, comfortable and well-cared environment. There are pathways for wheelchairs and Dormitory I is convenient for the accommodation of the physically disabled.
The campus provides various options for accommodation.
Dormitory I:
Two or four students share a room, with a separate common study area and a bathroom. All rooms have AC and central heating, broadband internet connection, and internal telephones. In addition to a lobby, TV room, canteen, laundry and ironing room available for common usage, there are common kitchens and study rooms in the three blocks, one of which is for females.
Dormitory II:
This building is designed to accommodate three students in a suite with individual bedrooms, a common study area, a kitchen and a bathroom. The building consists of two separate blocks, one for males, one for females. Other facilities and services are similar to Dormitory I.
Dormitory III:
The rooms are designed to accommodate two or four students (2 double bedrooms). The WCs, bathrooms and kitchens are available for common usage (app. 26-32 persons). In addition, there are study rooms on each floor. Other facilities and services are similar to Dormitory I and II
METU Development Foundation, Private EBİ Student Dormitory (Dormitory IV)
This building is designed to accommodate four students in suites with two rooms. The building consists of two separate blocks designated for boys and girls. Each suite is equipped with shared bathroom facilities, a kitchen and study area. For further information, please view our webpage at: https://ncc.metu.edu.tr/accommodation/ebi-student-dormitory
Required Documents for New Student Application

  • 2 passport type pictures


A student wishing to move out of dormitory before the academic year ends will need to contact the management of the relevant dormitory to arrange a check-out appointment and complete a Check-Out Form. Students who fail to complete the check-out process, including those who leave accommodation during the semester break, will have an accommodation fee debt accrued in the entire academic year.
The University is not responsible for any items left in the rooms after the dormitory closing date announced at the end of each academic year.