• Any student wishing to benefit from the services provided by the METU NCC Disability Support Unit;

    • Fills out a Disability Application Form to be used for applications to the METU NCC Disability Support Unit in the first two weeks of each academic term.

    • Provides a medical report, which will serve as a basis for the application.

    • Sends an e-mail that contains titles and codes of the courses s/he is registered for during the relevant semester, and names of the instructors teaching the courses, to the METU NCC Disability Support Unit (nccdsoatmetu.edu.tr) .

      • The entire form must be filled out in order for the application to be considered.

      • Disability applications are submitted at the beginning, within the first two weeks, of each academic semester, and renewed every semester. In case of temporary disability, the application can be submitted from the date when the disability first occurs.

      • In addition to an accurately filled out form, a valid medical report obtained from authorized institutions is essential for application. In case of temporary disability, if the causes of disability are still a concern for the individual, the medical report must be renewed after the validity period ends.


How the Unit works

  • The METU NCC Disability Support Unit evaluates the application within the shortest time possible and conducts a face-to-face or online preliminary interview with the applicant within one week at the latest to identify his/her needs and ensure that s/he has equal access to academic resources, programs, facilities, etc.

  • After the evaluation, the METU NCC Disability Support Unit prepares a Letter of Academic Accommodation, presents it to the applicant and obtains the student's signature on the letter. The student presents the letter to the faculty member concerned.

      • Letter of Academic Accommodation does not contain information about the student's health status. The letter includes recommendations made by the Unit to ensure that the student is provided with equal opportunities with others to flourish and succeed when attending classes and exams.

      • Letter of Academic Accommodation is addressed to the faculty members teaching each course that the student takes and to the Coordinator of the program which the student is registered for.

      • The regulations mentioned in the Letter of Academic Adaptation are meant to serve as suggestions only. For any concerns about these suggestions, please contact the METU NCC Disability Support Unit via e-mail.

      • The regulations that come into force within the framework of the Academic Accommodation are not retrospective. For this reason, it is recommended that applications should be completed at the beginning of the semester by the end of the add-and-drop period at the latest. Nonetheless, the Unit accepts new registrations in every semester of the academic year. We attach importance to the registration of students newly diagnosed with a disability or just decided to benefit from the services offered by our unit. However, it is, of course, the responsibility of the students to apply in a timely manner so that the services can be performed as required.

  • The applicant sends the Letter of Academic Accommodation to the faculty members of each course s/he takes, within one month at the latest, and obtains their signatures. In order for an accommodation to be valid, signatures indicating approval are needed from the relevant faculty members.

  • The student sends the original of the Letter of Academic Accommodation signed by himself and the faculty member to the METU NCC Disability Support Unit.

      • To protect the personal data of our students, the Letter of Academic Accommodation is not sent directly from the Unit to the faculty members. Thus, the regulations deemed necessary for the student will only be examined by the student, the Unit and faculty member. The relevant faculty member and the student can each receive a copy of the Letter of Academic Accommodation, provided that data security is maintained.

      • The regulations mentioned in the Letter of Academic Accommodation are meant to serve as suggestions only. By signing the Letter, the relevant faculty member makes a commitment that s/he will try to act in line with the recommendations included. Students who have any questions related to the content of the Letter and about the practices involved, or any suggestions to improve the current practices of the Disability Support Unit can contact the Unit via e-mail.

  • The METU NCC Disability Support Unit files the Letter signed by the applicant and relevant faculty member in a way that ensures the security and confidentiality of the data.

  • The METU NCC Disability Support Unit supports the following measures being put in place for additional arrangements depending on the nature of applications received:

      • In cases where the applicant needs a note-taker and/or a course partner, the Unit posts a notice on the noticeboards and on the website inviting candidates to apply. The Disability Support Unit observes the principles of the Directive for Part-Time Student Assistants when posting the notice and making the evaluations necessary.

      • To promote equal access to educational facilities and opportunities for students with disabilities, the Unit contacts the relevant academic and administrative offices and requests support for proposed changes.

      • Students who are provided with Academic Accommodations are expected to fulfill all requirements associated with the courses they are currently enrolled in and the related exams just like other students do. If a student does not meet the requirements of the course or misses the scheduled exam, s/he is graded accordingly. If the student is entitled to resit the exam at another time as other students are, his/her accommodations are rearranged.