Science and Technology Center

Science and Technology Center

"A way connecting to science"

The aim of the Science and Technology Center is to inspire people of all ages in society to develop their creativity, scientific thinking and research skills, and analytical abilities. The mission of the center is to strengthen the ties between the university and society and to increase the number of society related activities within the university. Science and Technology center tries to promote scientific thinking as the life style of people.

In harmony with its slogan "A way connecting to science", our center aims at illustrating the dynamics behind various physical principles and natural phenomena, many of which we are not consciously aware of, to our visitors through entertaining mechanisms. 

Young people who are also the prospective scientists of the future will have the opportunity to observe the development of science and learning contemporary technologies by carrying out experiments.

In expeditions to the Science and Technology Center, students will be able to take part in the applications related to various laws of physics.
Please check the Documentation of Experiments Being Performed at the Science and Technology Center to browse the experiments being performed at the Science and Technology Center.
The Science and Technology Center is ready to accept its visitors.


Monday-Friday: 09.00-16.00 ( Reservations should be made. )

Phone: +90 392 661 2757
E-mail: nccufoatmetu.edu.tr