Shopping & Food

Shops and Services Available at METU NCC Shopping Area:

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  • Market (Macro)
    Macro Market, where basic food, cleaning and consumer products are sold, is managed by Macro Ltd.
    Telephone: +90 392 661 1980-83


  • Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell (Çınar Telekom):
    The Turkcell Office, where both prepaid and postpaid lines are sold, assists the campus community with photocopying, printing, and GSM services. Basic stationery items can also be found in the Turkcell Office.
    Telephone: +90 392 661 1967


  • Bookstore (Deniz Kırtasiye):
    The bookstore sells textbooks, advised by academic units in coordination with the Directorate of Library and Documentation. It also sells all kinds of stationery items, and offers photocopying and printing services.
    Telephone:+90 392 661 2249


  • Barber:
    Telephone: +90 392 661 1963


  • Hairdresser:
    Telephone: +90 392 661 1964


  • Banka:
    The METU NCC Branch of İşBank provides on-campus banking services on weekdays to the staff and students. There are two ATM machines located in front of the bank.
    Telephone: +90 392 661 1951-55


  • Post Office:
    The post office, which is a branch of the TRNC Post Office, offers all postal services to the campus community.
    Telephone:+90 392 661 1977

On-campus Food & Drink Services:

  • Table d'hote Dining Hall:
    The fixed price menu offers four dishes


  • Â la Carte Dining Hall:
    This dining hall offers a variety of menu options. One portion contains each of main and side dishes, soup, choice of salad or yoğurt, and choice of fruit or dessert .
     Three kinds main course  
     side course              
     yoghurt / salad / fruit / dessert               


  • Main Cafeteria(Kırlangıç Catering):
    The cafeteria offers various fast-food products and grill selections, a rich breakfast menu, sweet and salty cookies, cakes, cold and hot beverages in addition to a basic canteen menu and products.


  • SFL, Dormitory I. (Gilanlı Trading Ltd.) and II. (Baytu Ltd.) Canteens :
    Various fast-food products and hot and cold beverages are served in theese canteens, which are located in the School of Foreign Languages (SFL), Dormitory I and II buildings respectively. 


  • Dormitory III Canteen  (Gilanlı Trading Ltd:
    Various fast-food products, hot and cold beverages, and additional menus are offered in this venue.


  • MODA (Mutfacık)
    The Moda  (Mutfacık) offers a selection of ice-cream, sweet and salty cookies, cakes, and  hot and cold beverages. The venue, is located at Dormitory I.


  • Segafredo Zanetti (Southern Cafe)
    The Café offers a range of hot and cold drinks, desserts and snacks. It is in the building where Atatürk's bust is located."


  • T Block Canteen (Mert Güçlü Simit Sarayı)


    Please call 0392 661 2126 (Directorate of Administrative Affairs) for further information.

    Cafeteria Price List