How to Find Library Materials?


Use the online library catalogue to locate and borrow books on a topic. The online catalogue is available at all terminals in the Library. (By) Using this catalog it is possible to search for books by author, title,subject, keyword or call number. The catalog enables users to identify the location of books, journals and other materials in the library.

It also allows users to record what items they have checked out, and to check the due date of an item. If you need information while you are searching the online catalog you can use the links below. 

How to find a book?

  • Go to the Library Catalog Search at the library home page
  • Click the Word or Phrase Search button 
  • Please choose title, author, subject, keyword or call number from Search Type 
  • To start the search, click the Submit button

Please click on the required title when search results appear on the screen. In the bibliographic record, if you see "available in the "status field, take a note for "call no and "location". The online catalogue is being use by the Main and Muhan Soysal Libraries beside NCC Library, therefore, please notice the "location part which shows where the materials are. If you see "due in the "status field, it means that the material is borrowed. In this case, you can place "hold for that material.

How to find e-journals?

E-journals are not found in the online library catalog. To find e-journals you have to go to the electronic resources at the library home page. E-journals can be searched according to title or subject alphabetically.

How to find course material? 

  • Please go to the Library Catalog Search  at the library home page
  • Click Course Search at the right side of the page  
  • To browse on courses taught by a particular instructor, select Instructor as your Search Type. Type the instructor's last name first. Use UPPERCASE and Turkish letters.  
  • To browse on instructors for a particular course, select Course as the Search Type. Type the course name and/or number. (Ex: PSIR 101)