METU NCC Disability Support Unit

About The Unit

The METU Northern Cyprus Campus Disability Support Unit (METU NCC DSU) aims to ensure equal access to resources and environments for students with any disability, make the arrangements required to meet the diverse needs of students with disabilities and provide support for their academic growth in accordance with the principle of equal opportunities for all.

International conventions define the term disability as “long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others”.
Under this broad definition, disability includes Asperger's syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), visual impairment, mobility difficulty, specific learning disorder, and other disabling conditions according to the conventions and regulations on which the METU Northern Cyprus Campus Disability Support Unit is based. DSU promotes policies and practices that foster a culture of inclusiveness where students with disabilities have equal access to academic content and opportunities even in the face of temporary or permanent obstacles of this kind.

The METU Northern Cyprus Campus Disability Support Unit also aims to ensure the preparation of a "Letter of Academic Accommodation" to be presented to faculty members, the coordination of providing note takers and course partners to relevant students, when needed, and the creation of course materials accessible for students with disabilities so that students with “documented” disabilities are not put into a disadvantageous position when attending classes and exams. DSU acts in compliance with the principles of confidentiality, voluntariness, respect, equality of opportunity for education, accessibility, openness to feedback, and responsibility.

In 2004, the Disability Support Coordination Unit was established at METU Ankara within the scope of the project "Accessible METU Project - 1998”. The METU Northern Cyprus Campus Disability Support Unit works in coordination with the METU Disability Support Office, which was established in 2011 following the closure of the METU Disability Support Coordination Unit.

To send your comments and suggestions to  the METU Northern Cyprus Campus Disability Support Unit via e-mail: nccdsoatmetu.edu.tr