Green Campus

Green Campus

Green Campus Initiative was founded in 2011 by student unions in order to prevent the waste of water and energy resources on the Campus and then its scope was broadened with the voluntary participation of students, academic and administrative staff.

What does Green Campus aim to achieve?

Green Campus is a volunteer organization, and it aims to support a sustainable and climate-friendly environment. Its main goals are:
Increasing the efficiency of energy generation (generators),transmission and consumption on the Campus,
Prevention of unconscious consumption and waste,
The sustainability of energy costs;
Decreasing the greenhouse gas emission on Campus in order to cope with climate change;
Providing the preservation of natural resources with the aid of the land use and rainwater management plan;
Preventing environmental pollution with the waste management plan and raising awareness among students and public about the issues concerning energy and the environment
With the “Green Campus Strategy Document”, METU Northern Cyprus Campus designates strategic goals and objectives concerning the issues mentioned above and declares that it is going to take the necessary steps in order to implement the actions specified in accordance with these objectives.

What are the main goals of Green Campus?

To form the institutional structure in accordance with the main policy, goals and objectives of this strategy document.
To improve external financing opportunities, to strengthen collaborations, to increase awareness activities aimed at shareholders in
accordance with the main policy, purposes and objectives of this strategy document.
To hold an internationally recognized certificate related to the issue and assure its sustainability as a result indicator of the actions taken in order to reach the main policy, goals and objectives specified in this strategy document,
To decrease energy consumption and loss, to increase energy utilization efficiency.
To provide the current Campus facilities with national and international energy performance standards and to adopt systems with high energy efficiency.
To extend the usage of renewable energy resources for current buildings and to prioritize renewable energy systems in the buildings to be built newly,
To increase efficiency in energy production (generators), transmission, and distribution and to reduce energy loss within the infrastructure of electricity production and distribution.
To reach international standards in the quality of indoor and outdoor air.
To prevent and control environmental noise.
To establish an efficient waste and recycling systems.
To ensure land use, water management, and the conservation of natural resources.
To establish an environment-energy based management system encompassing purchasing, conversion, and logistical affairs (doings).
You can read the "2017 Goals" presentation for the goals, that would be achieved by 2017.

Who are the members of Green Campus Coordination Committtee?

The Committte is formed by academic, administrative staff and students, assigned by the President of Campus. They are responsible for realizing the actions, evaluating the results and coordinating the departments.
The Committee has 4 academic members, 4 administrative members and 4 student members. They all have equal voting rights, and there is no Presidency at the committee. Activities are performed by the secretariat.

Green Campus Initiative

Green Campus Initiative was founded in 2011 by student clubs in order to prevent the waste of water and energy resources on the Campus and then its scope was broadened with the voluntary participation of students, academic and administrative staff. The Initiative aims to decrease the energy consumption of the Campus, have a more environmentalist campus, and to contribute to the resolution processes of environmental problems.
Activities: There are three main activities of the initiative.
Green Office Activities: Related with promoting the activities, providing corporation with third parties, and raising awareness.
Energy Activities: Related with the energy based problems and their solutions.
Enviromental Activities: Related with the environmental problems and their solutions.
There are three teams, which deal with the listed activities. Each team is composed of two or more people.
These teams are:

  • 1- Green Office Secretariat
  • 2- Energy Team
  • 3- Environment Team.



You can become a Green Campus volunteer easily, if you would like to participate in this initiative to work for a more environmentalist campus.


0392 661 3020

Green Campus Strategic Plan 

Please check the Green Campus Strategic Plan to have information about the policy, strategic goals, aims and activities of Green Campus.

Green Campus Initiative 2017 Goals Presentation  

Please click here for the presentation about 2017 goals of Green Campus on;

  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Energy
  • Carbondioxide Emissions
  • Water
  • Solid Waste (General)
  • Solid Waste (Organic)
  • Noise
  • Awareness


METU NCC Green Campus Initiative -  2017 Goals


Bike First Campus

Using bicycles on the campus is compatible with the Green Campus aims, including sustainability and environment protection. According to a study by the European Cyclists’ Federation, a cyclist produces 21g of carbon emissions per passenger per kilometer (most of this is from the manufacture of the bicycle) compared with a car which produces 271g. Moreover, Bicycling is a low impact activity that can result in improved mobility, healthy weight loss, muscle strengthening, improved balance and coordination, and lower blood pressure.
Regarding these facts, the necessity of developing methods for increasing the use of bicycles and electrical vehicles on campus was identified. There, actions towards establishing the necessary physical layout was taken, and “Bike First Campus” project is launched.

Campus Bike

Campus Bike is a Green Campus Initiative project which targets to reduce CO2 emission and promote bicycle usage in our campus. Bicycles will be provided by our campus and they can be hired by all METU NCC members, students and relatives. The money which will be collected from bicycle rental will be donated to Scholarship Fund Office.

Please check the Flier of Campus Bike Project for the details of the project.   

Solid Waste Recycling 

Green Campus Initiative, started out with the “RECYCLE – CHANGE FUTURE!” motto,  realized one more Green Campus project.
Preventing the environmental pollution through establishing efficient  waste and recycling systems, and raising social awareness of topics such as  waste-prevention and recycling are among the main goals of the Green Campus Initiative. As it is stated in the Green Campus Strategic Plan, one of our 2017 goals is to establish efficient waste and recycling systems, by reducing in  campus-wide per capita rate of solid waste (non - recycled). For this purpose,  we have launched the Solid Waste Recycling Project.

METU NCC Community Gardens Project

The main aim of this project is to introduce you to the world of gardening
Please check the Flier of METU NCC Community Gardens Project for the details of the project.  

Please check the Flier of 2015 Green Campus Projects for the details of 2015 projects of Green Campus.