EBI Student Dormitory

EBİ Student Dormitory



EBİ Student Dormitory, which is affiliated with the EBİ Corp., METU Development Foundation, is located at METU Northern Cyprus Campus (METU
NCC). The Dormitory is managed by the EBİ Corp., TRNC, within the framework of the principles specified by the Rectorate of METU Northern
Cyprus Campus, and the registration and admission procedures for students who apply for accommodation in the Dormitory are carried out independently
from the METU NCC Central Placement System.

EBİ Student Dormitory has been designed where students feel restful and comfortable like in their home. As well as qualified rooms, there are lobby, receptionists, cafeteria, study halls, laundry and iron room, TV room, computer room, central heating and cooling system and TV connection are available in the dormitory. 

One side of the building is facing the green valley. It is only 6km away from Güzelyurt, 500m to Kalkanlı village and 300m to the administrative and education buildings.

The dormitory consists of 3 blocks and 2 floors in the area of 2500 meter square. Total number of rooms is 35 with 140 beds.

A Block floors and C Block first floor are for man students, C Block ground floor, in which the administration office present as well, is designed for female students. B Block consists of study room, computer room, lobby and a cafeteria.

The suit rooms, each of which are considered for 2 or 4 students according to the needs are 45 square meters and designed with the furniture and equipment as in the following:


  • BEDROOMS; Bed with case, locked and 2 door wardrobe, nightstand, tulle and curtain  
  • STUDY HALL; Study Table, Book shelves, Chair, Inter-office telephone, Table head lamp
  • KITCHEN; Tables and chairs, Cooker, Aspirator, Cook Stone working with electricity, Mini-bar
  • BATHROOM AND TOILET; Bath cabin, Washstand with cupboard, Toilet, Mirror



Our students are provided to administrative services along with the security and cleanliness services by one manager and two janitors who are expert in their field within the day regularly and three receptionists are served throughout 24 hours as shift.

As the EBİ Student dormitory is taking place in METU NCC, the surrounding security is under the control of private security company. The entrance and exit of the building is under the control of info / security officers and floors halls, fire escapes are monitored with security cameras for 7 days- 24 hours.

The students living in the dormitory has the chance for their personal cleanliness by writing their names in laundry list, and it includes the launder with free of charge. Our staff is ready to help the students who joined us newly, when they need.

In the EBİ Student Dormitory, there is a cafeteria serving hot and cold food with drinks, for the students and their friends, or quests, where they will have a nice time to spend with. The cleanliness the variety of food and drinks, the cost prices are all under the control of EBİ Dormitory Directors. The students who want to prepare their own food, they have well equipped kitchen in their suits.

The registration and admission procedures for students who apply for accommodation in the Dormitory are carried out by the Directorate of
Dormitory, independently from the METU NCC Central Placement System. The EBI Student Dormitory is managed and operated in line with the METU NCC
Dormitory Regulation, decisions taken by the METU NCC Executive Board of Dormitories and general principles of METU. All other administrative
services are provided by the TRNC EBİ Corp. Management Services Group in accordance with certain principles.


Required Documents For New Student Application

  • 2 passport type pictures


Each student will pay 200 USD as a deposit and following the delivery of all furniture and equipment mentioned in the letter of undertaking, that sum will be returned to the outgoing students. Students are needed to submit Bank Recipient while entering the Dormitory.

Bank Account Information for EBİ Dormitory Fee and Deposit Payments:

Fee Payments (TL Account):

Is Bank KKTC ODTÜ Branch:  6822 / 15059
IBAN: TR50 0006 4000 0016 8220 0150 59


Deposit Payments and International Student Fee Payments (USD Account):

Is Bank KKTC ODTÜ Branch: 6822 / 4675
IBAN: TR50 0006 4000 0026 8220 0046 75

Note: International students will use USD Account for fee payments.


Address EBİ Student Dormitory
Kalkanlı – Güzelyurt
Mersin 10 – Turkey
Contact Person Önder GÜLŞEN
Dormitory Manager
E-mail: onderatebi-as.com, ebiogrenciyurduatgmail.com
Manager Tel: +90 392 661-3103, 0533 866 7076
Information Tel: +90 392 661-3101
Fax: +90 392 661-3105