EBI Student Dormitory

EBİ Student Dormitory


Located at the Northern Cyprus Campus of METU and owned by the EBİ Corp., METU Development Foundation, EBİ Student Dormitories (EBİ Dorm 1 and EBİ Dorm 2) are private dorms that offer accommodation to students.
Both dorms are designed to provide a safe, serene and welcoming environment where students feel the comfort of 'home' from the moment they enter the facility. In addition to the cozy and well-designed rooms, they have many amenities that include lobby spaces, reception service, cafeteria, quiet/silent study rooms, laundry and ironing facilities, air-conditioning, constant hot water, internet access, and indoor security camera systems.
EBİ Dorm 1 is located 500 m from the village of Kalkanlı and about 800 m from the METU NCC Administrative Building and academic blocks. The Dorm, which occupies a total area of 2500 square meters, consists of 3 blocks, each with 2 floors, with one side facing the valley. It has a total bed capacity of 140, with 35 rooms, all designed in suite style. Block A floors and Block C 1st floor are for male students and the ground floor of Block C is for female students. Block B features a study hall, lobby space and cafeteria. With an area of 45 square meters each, the suite rooms can accommodate 4 people. EBİ Dorm 1 rooms offer the following facilities as standard:


  • Bed with storage
  • Bed
  • Two-door wardrobe with a lock
  • Nightstand
  • Sheer curtains and drapes


  • Kitchen table and stools
  • Electric oven
  • Aspirator
  • 2-burner electric cooker
  • Refrigerator


  • Study desk
  • Bookshelves
  • Chair for studying
  • Internal extension
  • Study desk lamp


  • Shower cabin
  • Washbasin with cabinet
  • Toilet bowl
  • Mirror

EBİ Dormitory 2 is located on campus, in close proximity to the academic blocks, cafeteria, shopping area, bus stops, and to the bank.
Dormitory 2, which occupies a total area of 5500 square meters, consists of 3 blocks, each with 3 floors. Block A, which is designed for female students, has a bed capacity of 100, with 20 4-person rooms and 10 double rooms. There are 3 kitchens available in this block. The 4-person rooms have 44 square meters each whereas the double rooms measure 33 square meters.
Block C, which is designed for male students, has a total bed capacity of 120, with 25 4-person rooms, 44 square meters each, and 10 double rooms, 33 square meters each (excluding the mezzanine level rest space). There are 6 kitchens in this block. Facilities such as quiet/silent study areas, cafeteria, lobby space, information desk, laundry and ironing rooms are available in Block E, where the Dormitory Management Office is located. Each room in EBİ Dormitory 2 offers the following as standard:


  • Bed
  • Pouf
  • Storage shelf
  • Reading lamp


  • Study desk with chair
  • Bookshelf


  • Shower cabin


  • Washbasin with cabinet
  • Toilet bowl
  • Mirror cabinet


  • Internal extension
  • Shoe cabinet
  • Electric water heater
  • Mini refrigerator
  • Wardrobe


  • Electric oven
  • Toaster
  • 2-burner electric cooker
  • Under bench cupboard and storage/food supplies cabinet for each room
  • Kitchen island and kitchen sink
  • Bar table, stool and armchair

EBİ Dorm 1  and Dorm 2  ( 4-Person and Double ) Room Plans
Academic Year 2023-2024 Dormitory Fees
Photo Gallery and EBİ Dorm 2 Brochure  

The experienced and well-trained professional staff at EBİ Dorms are readily available to serve the needs of residents on a daily basis. Both dorms are managed by a Dormitory Manager who has knowledge and expertise in the relevant field and who works diligently to ensure that both dormitories are welcoming, comfortable and safe. A team of front desk officers work in shifts throughout the day and night.
Since our dorms are located on campus, the security of the residents and premises is provided by a private company hired by METU NCC. Front desk officers perform duties to enhance dorm safety and security within the entrances and exits of the buildings, which are surveilled 24/7 through security cameras along with other common spaces. The EBİ dorm buildings allow our students to do their own laundry and dry and iron their clothing. Students need to sign up to use the laundry room. The relevant professional staff provide support to newcomers in issues related to cleaning and the use of the washing machines and dryers when needed and as much as possible.
Dorm fee does not include meals. Each dorm has a cafeteria which offers a range of hot and cold meals and beverages and where students can entertain their guests, relax and enjoy time with their friends. The cleanliness, variety of foods offered and price of foods available in the cafeteria are monitored by the Dormitory Management. Students wishing to prepare their own meals can make use of the fully equipped kitchens in the rooms and in common spaces.
The METU NCC Dormitory Regulation, the decisions of the Executive Board of Dormitories and core principles of METU apply to all students living in the EBİ Dormitories. All other administrative services are provided by the EBİ Corp. Management Services, TRNC, based on certain principles.

Documents Required for Application

  • 2 headshot photos
  • Copy of Student ID Card

Students are charged a deposit fee of USD 200 per bed. The deposit is returned to students if the fixtures listed in the annex of the original contract are returned in full. When moving into the Dormitories, students are required to submit the RECEIPTS OF PAYMENT issued by the Bank.

Information on the EBİ Dormitories' Bank Accounts That Receive Payments
Accommodation Fee Payments (TL Account):
Account Holder: EBİ Elektronik Bilgisayar ve İnşaat Turizm Yatırım A.Ş.
Account Number: Is Bank METU NCC Branch: 6822 / 15059
IBAN: TR50 0006 4000 0016 8220 0150 59

Deposit Payments and International Student Accommodation Fee Payments (USD Account):
Account Number: Is Bank METU NCC Branch: 6822 / 4675
IBAN: TR50 0006 4000 0026 8220 0046 75

Address EBİ Dormitories
Kalkanlı – Güzelyurt
Mersin 10 – Türkiye

Manager of EBİ Dormitories
E-mail: yunusatebi-as.comebiogrenciyurduatgmail.com

Telephone: +90 392 661-3103, 0533 850 8464
Front Desk Number: +90 392 661-3101
Fax: +90 392 661-3105


Zeliha BULUT
student and parent relations officer
E-mail: zelihaatebi-as.comebiogrenciyurduatgmail.com

Telephone: +90 539 106 7914