Vision, Mission


In our modern sports facilities we will provide our participants with:

Information related with recreation and scientific sports management, Sports events, tournaments, and services required for physical activities.

Our vision is to be a role model in exemplifying the positive attitudes that sports, sports people and participants can gain by using these services.


By performing organized sports, recreational sports/activities and fun activities our aim is to determine the performance levels/values of students and staff; and then to develop this performance level. In addition to this, we want to develop their skill of becoming a part of a team and functioning at different roles in a team in an organized manner. We want them to develop their ability to cope with stress. No matter what level, our aim is to provide a planned restructuring of participants' emotional, mental and physical well being after mandatory activities and long working hours. We want our participants to make sports a part of their lives as sport is useful for personality development as well as a useful tool for socialization. Thus we want them to transform their lives by adding regular sporting activities to them.

By creating sports clubs and teams we want METU NCC to be a lively campus and a vibrant institution. In this sense sports help us create the spirit of unity and togetherness among students and help them identify with the university. Sport Teams and Sport Societies provide students with the opportunities for self-development by giving them a chance to perform to their full potential and achieve self-realization. With such performances students experience a sense of approval which in turn develops feelings of self-esteem, success and responsibility. This process helps students become adult individuals and participate in a society. Also the teams promote good attitudes through their example and obtain the support of the community in which they take place. Through the activities of these teams people have the chance to get to know the university better.