Our Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering students make us proud

METU NCC success at SPE European section student paper contest, May 11-12 (online due to COVID-19 travel restrictions)

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is the main international professional organization of petroleum engineers with ~160 000 members worldwide. Student Paper Contest (SPC) organized by SPE is held in 14 different sections around the world every year. Many prestigious petroleum engineering schools participate in the European Section, such as Imperial College (UK), Heriot-Watt (UK), TU Delft (Netherlands), Clausthal University of Technology (Germany), University of Stavanger (Norway), IFP School (France). First place student participates in the International SPC, which attracts attention of well-known petroleum engineering programs and oil companies across the world, and held at the largest petroleum convention, SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE).

Our PNGE students Mr. Nandana R. Agastya and Mr. Roni Ali have won 1st and 3rd place respectively in the SPC European section:

Nandana, won the 1st place in the undergraduate category, presented his work "A Unified Parameter to Represent Reservoir Heterogeneity", advised by Dr. Doruk Alp. Nandanais now eligible to represent METU NCC in the international SPC, during the largest meeting of PNGE professionals, SPE ATCE.

Nandana was also ranked1st in the Reservoir Development and Production Optimization category, in the 2nd International Student Research and Science Conference organized by the Baku Higher Oil School (May 6, 2021). He presented an earlier version of his work "Parametric Analysis of Water-flood Performance for 5-Spot Pattern”.

Roni, won the 3rd place in SPC European section, worked on “Machine learning-developed algorithms for well test analysis in reservoirs depleted by horizontal wells” with his research partner Johstone Omundi, and was advised by Dr. Salam Al-Rbaewi.

METU NCC students won 1st place in the SPC over the past years, 2 times with the European section, and 4 times with the Turkey section.

METU NCC Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering program has been providing high-quality petroleum engineering education since its inception. There are currently ~98 students, more than half of which are international students representing 20 different countries besides Turkey and TRNC. Graduates find work opportunities in the geothermal and petroleum industries in Turkey and worldwide. Some pursue graduate studies, and admitted to prestigious schools around the world.

Nandana in his own words:

I am a 4th year PNGE student with high honors and merit scholarship at METU NCC. I am from Indonesia and have done my internship at PERTAMINA EP. I have served the SPE METU NCC Student Chapter for 3 years and served as President in my last. I am mostly interested in Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir Simulation and Modeling, Production Optimization, Enhanced Oil Recovery, and Unconventional Resources.

I am always grateful of the support and attention the PNGE department and my friends on campus have given me. Working on my research under the supervision of Dr. Doruk Alp has always been a pleasure and I thank him for encouraging me and pushing me to be thorough with my work. I am grateful to have won two 1st place titles in one semester.

Last but not least, I would especially like to thank my parents for their constant support and encouragement throughout my entire academic career.

Roni Ali in his own words:
Roni Ali is a 4th-year PNGE student at METU NCC and a member of SPE. He presented his work at the SPE Student Paper Contest which was conducted online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Roni is originally from Qamishly, Syria. He has done internships in Superior Oilfield services in Abu Dhabi, UAE and in OiLSERV in Dharhan, KSA, alongside an internship done in METU NCC labs. He is mostly interested in developing programs using computer languages and machine learning aspects in the energy industry.