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The Fine Arts Club is composed of students who have an interest in handcrafts and a desire to develop their artistic skills or simply to eliminate stress from daily life, by making clay objects. The Art Studio located at the Campus provides two-hour workshops twice per week to support student endeavour in the Fine Arts.

In the Art Studio, students create a wide range of sculptures and handcrafts using different types of clay such as 'terra cotta' and 'vacuum clay'. They also make objects using recycled paper pulp. In addition, the Studio offers classes that provide an opportunity for students to study techniques of pottery making, bottle painting, polymer clay painting, puppet making, charcoal drawing, oil painting, and t-shirt painting, as well as getting involved in art making practices.

Development opportunities are not restricted to workshops provided within the Club. The Campus hosts individual artists, or a group of artists, twice or three times per academic semester. Talks and seminars given by these artists, who are from different backgrounds, create opportunities to explore a wide range of topics in more depth.

Talent-related issues are the top concern of many students who have an interest in the Fine Arts. They make the mistake of thinking that since they are not talented, they cannot make progress. Indeed, all they need is a real enthusiasm and passion. In the final analysis, it's the passion and practice that will enable success.

  • What would you say on student interest towards the plastic arts?

There has been a lot of interest. The Art Studio provides a creative working environment where participants naturally grow and develop an interest in the plastic arts whilst relaxing and socializing with others interested in art.

  • You believe that passion for art is a more important contributor to success. Have you had any members who claimed to have no talent but created excellent artwork?

I am one of those! At the beginning, I had nothing but an interest. I think I have made some progress and have tended to be more creative, and thus more productive.

  • Which branch of the visual arts (painting, sculpture, etc.) has attracted more attention?

New participants and those who have just started to develop an interest in the Fine Arts usually prefer working with clay. However, painting, pottery making and collage works have also gained great popularity.

  • Do artists prefer working with a model or creating their subjects from memory, using their imagination?

There are highly talented people, who sculpt purely from the imagination. However, most participants use references when sculpting.

  • What are the most popular types of painting?

Preferences of participants change each semester. For example, oil painting and acrylic painting drew a lot of interest last semester, but now charcoal drawing is more popular.

  • Could you tell us about the artists who have been invited to the Campus so far?

Among the artists who we invited to give a seminar, workshop, etc. were painters, sculptors, potters, and puppet makers. We will soon invite paper artists who can teach us how to recycle paper and create artwork using different types of paper.

President: Ceren İlhan
E-mail: ceren.ilhanatmetu.edu.tr

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