Green Market

Green Market

All producers and consumers are kindly invited to “Green Market”, organized by Interdependence Association of Kalkanlı in collaboration with METU Northern Cyprus Campus.

Prof. Dr. İnci Gökmen and Prof. Dr. Ali Gökmen (Middle East Technical University Chemistry Department) will provide information about eco-friendly methods to harvest fertile and healthy products without using any pesticides, and share these products with supporters through community supported agriculture.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özge Özden Fuller (Near East University Faculty of Architecture, Department of Landscape Architecture) will discuss permaculture agriculture models and methods to provide healthy products in an eco-friendly way.

Following both seminars, we will have the opportunity to consume products, which were harvested via alternative farming methods, meet the producers and share our knowledge.

“Clean and Healthy Food, Fertile Harvest!” Seminar:

Prof. Dr. İnci Gökmen - Prof. Dr. Ali Gökmen (METU)

“Permaculture Agriculture and Life” Seminar:

Doç. Dr. Özge Özden Fuller (NEU)

Green Market:

In Front of Culture and Convention Center
15:00- 17:00