Green Brain of the Year attracts record number of projects

 The 5th “Green Brain of the Year” competition received 328 submissions from 24 countries

Green Brain of the Year - 2016 attracts record number of projects

METU Northern Cyprus Campus (METU NCC) is now accepting applications for the 5th "Green Brain of the Year" competition, the international project competition which offers awards to high school and university students. The “Green Brain of the Year” competition is organized by the METU NCC Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (METU NCC SEES) Graduate Program, which is a regionally accredited academic program leading the field in the Middle East geography. The competition aims to raise awareness of the 'vital triad': sustainable environment, sustainable energy, and sustainable water resources. Applications for the competition ended on 25 May 2016.

The competition received 328 submissions from a wide spectrum of countries,
including the United States of America, Bahrain, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Indonesia, Ethiopia,Turkey, Fiji, Philippines, India, the Netherlands, Canada, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Macedonia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Singapore, Jordan, and Vietnam. The finalists will be announced in July
at the METU NCC website. (http://www.ncc.metu.edu.tr)

Record-breaking number of submissions!

The “Green Brain of the Year” competition, which received 250 submissions when it was first held in 2002, saw a substantial increase in the number of applications, with 328 projects from 24 countries. Thus, it has attracted the largest number of projects ever since the competition began.

To enter the International Project Competition (IPC 2016), which is open to all university students who have an interest in the field of sustainable development, each team submitted  an original project that complies with the focus of the competition. Applications have been submitted online via the University website. (http://www.greenbrain.ncc.metu.edu.tr). The submission file contains a description of the project up to 2,000 words in length and written in English, as well as a limited number of figures and tables to illustrate the setting. The evalaution of submitted projects takes into account the following criteria:

- Problem relevance to sustainability
- Originality, feasibility, and impact of concept solution
- Verification of feasibility through analysis or experimentation
- Quality of writing and illustrations

After the evaluation of projects, the top five winning teams will receive awards, which will be granted to individual team members. The first place winners of the university category will receive 1,000 euros, second place 750 euros, and third place 500 euros each. All finalists will attend a guided tour in Northern Cyprus.

The International Concept Project Competition (ICPC 2016), in a similar vein, encourages high school students to work in teams of two and create a project addressing the issue of sustainable management of the ‘vital triad’. High school teams also submitted original concept projects consisting of 1,000 words in length, written in English or Turkish, and supported by a maximum of 3 figures, and 1 table, via the University website. (http://www.greenbrain.ncc.metu.edu.tr). In October, the five finalist teams will present their projects in front of the jury at METU Northern Cyprus Campus. Among those, the finalists who ranked the first, second and third places will be selected.The first place winners of the high school category will be awarded 1,000 euros, second place 750 euros, and third place 500 euros. The winners of this category will also be awarded a TRNC trip as an additional opportunity.