Campus Interdisciplinary Research - Dr. Yeliz Yeşilada

Intelligent Web Interaction for All by Dr Yeliz Yesilada




Intelligent Structural & Operational Management (ISOM): Research Group of METU NCC SEES

Computation plays a crucial role in both structural and operational management. With the advances in the technologies, we can see that computation helps us better understand the world; in particular how to utilize the resources structurally and how to manage the operations intelligently. In this research group, under the umbrella of intelligent systems, we have three main research themes: (i) sensor systems that enable us better understand the environment conditions such as temperature, air, etc. and act accordingly; (ii) intelligent processing systems that make use of such data with different techniques such as analytics, learning systems and artificial intelligence techniques, to better respond to the environment; and (iii) intelligent system management that enables us to monitor the behavior of such systems with techniques such as decision making, simulation, and advanced analytics. Below you can find a brief description of Dr. Yesilada’s research which is under the second and third theme.

The World Wide Web (Web) is the biggest repository of information and is the most powerful communication tool. For most people, the Web is the crucial part of their daily lives. However, accessing the web in constraint environments, such as with the limited battery life of a mobile device or with an assistive technology tool that can help blind people access the content, can still be challenging.  Dr. Yesilada’s research mainly aims to address such challenges. Her research interest is centered around the human centered web; in particular, web accessibility, the mobile web and using intelligent systems to improve user experience. Her work is within the Human Computer Interaction field broadly that aims to understand how users interact with the web and how the web, through its design, technology and infrastructure, enables users to interact with it. Her work includes experimentation with accessibility technology used on the web, visual attention with eye tracking technology, Semantic web technologies to address the problems of ubiquitous web interaction. Further information about her work can be found at www.metu.edu.tr/~yyeliz.



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