We have organized Intel workshops, Google and eBay seminars as well as carrying out technical projects and other acitivities since the IEEE Student Society (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) has been established. The group, which has a creative and innovative potential, organizes 35 events per year, achieving maximum target audience participation. These events are open to all students, faculty and non-faculty staff members. We have initiated new technical projects and our future plans include seminars, fun activities, technical and non-technical courses.

The Society is open to everyone who has a keen interest in technology; to everyone who enjoys exploring technology, and to those who want to use it to have fun. Activities of the Society are specially chosen to benefit students who have an interest in robotics, programming, aeronautics, personal development, power, energy, and construction. We regularly attend national and international IEEE conferences on behalf of the Society, and thus, have an opportunity to meet other IEEE members. We also meet representatives of major companies and this helps us build connections with the industry.

Interview with the head of the IEEE Society –Tuğrulhan Gazioğlu – Electrical-Electronics Engineering Student:

  • Robotics technology has attracted much attention recently. There are many schools in Turkey that are globally recognized for their achievements in Robotics. Have you submitted any projects to Robotics competitions?

A number of projects, which we intend to submit to various Robotics competitions, have been initiated. Most recently, Robot Sumo, the first and foremost project of the Society, has been completed. We have a variety of finalized projects; plus, more than five projects that are under construction. There are also various teams working on different projects, with a focus on competitions, and hopefully next semester, some of these projects will be submitted to robotics competitions. In addition, the Aerospace & Electronic Systems unit of the Society will take part in the UAV, a competition organized by TÜBİTAK. The Computer Society team has participated in the IEEE Extreme for the past two years, an algorithm competition organized by the IEEE Global, and won the third prize among over 100 participants in the IEEE Extreme 2014-2015, which was held in Turkey. Two teams, which took part in the IEEE Extreme 2015-2016 on behalf of the Computer Society were also ranked 5th and 20th among 50 participants. Two more teams are getting ready to participate in the IEEE MADC, a mobile application development competition organized by the IEEE Global. Furkan Ercan, an active member, the founding chairman and mentor of the IEEE Student Society, won the first prize for his article in the ICEAC '15 organized by the IEEE.

  • What are the areas that get most attention? 

The IEEE Student Society includes a variety of units that can attract students from both engineering and social sciences programs. Individuals who join these units have an opportunity to explore their areas of interest. The Society, which consists of seven units, addresses the needs of students in all engineering departments and it welcomes everyone who wants to build social skills or soft skills and to develop a scientific perspective. These units are as follows:

  • Computer Society for those who have an interest in computer sciences,
  • Aerospace & Electronic Systems for those who are passionate about aerospace,
  • Robotics & Automation Society for those who want to create a robot of their own,
  • Power & Energy Society for those who have innovative ideas on power and energy and who would like to put existing ideas into practice,
  • Women in Engineering for prospective engineers who want gender bias to be eliminated in the field of engineering,
  • Construction Technologies Society for those who have an interest in the field of construction,
  • Personal Development Committee for those who would like to come into prominence in their careers.
  • Does the IEEE Student Society attract social sciences students as well?  

The Personal Development Committee, which has been created as part of the IEEE, and the drama group, which we initiated with a focus on self-improvement and fun, attract social sciences students. Regardless of their disciplines, students are offered opportunities for development within the sponsorship and design units which have been created specifically to deal with the activities of the Society. These units attract many social sciences students to the IEEE Society.

President: Tuğrulhan Gazioğlu