An Idea followed by Eureka! TEDxMETUNCC was just an idea, just a thought and now it is going to be a great part of METU NCC's many achievements. It all started with a small society of people, who had the vision to bring TEDx event to the home of METU NCC. The passion and dedication of these young individuals eventually proved that visions can become reality. TEDxMETUNCC was not only built strong, but now is about to set its ships to sail. If it was not the hard work and constant effort by the TEDxMETUNCC organizers, the wish would have never become a reality. Their attitude of celebrating change honors METU NCC, where it is regularly practiced and glorified. To speak the truth, it might seem unimaginable that countless great ideas and inspiration from all around the world can be fitted in a small room. Yet, this is exactly the wonderment that TEDxMETUNCC is planning to present through its first-ever independently organized TED event, with the theme UPSIDE DOWN.

UPSIDE DOWN is about seeing the world with new purpose and giving new definitions to your old worldviews. The topic encourages you to tilt your reference frame and capture the world from different angles. To convince that a coin indeed does have two sides. The event is for all those curious minds out there who wish to know and understand more, to find something more than just necessary. Through this event, a lot can be learned and experienced. The event is meant to welcome wonders and wanderers.

It might be unfair to encapsulate such an event into a mere sentence, but for a glimpse admiration, attainment and pure eminence are what can be used. On 10th of March 2018 in the monumental Rauf R. Denktas hall of Culture and Convention Center, TEDxMETUNCC's first ever event UPSIDE DOWN will be presented. The event will hold spectacular speeches by various experts from Cyprus, our honored professors, and our brilliant student speakers. The event is meant to last for the whole day starting at 9:30 in the morning and ending at 6 in the evening. The audience of 100 people will be provided with their own personal IDs that will grant them the pass to this gateway of knowledge. The hospitality that is celebrated throughout METU NCC will be seen on the event day as well. The audience will be served with warm breakfast in the morning, fulfilling lunch in the afternoon and appreciation gift bags before final goodbyes. This perfect fusion of food, Knowledge, enthusiasm, and excitement is what makes this event special. The event is organized such that our guests are not only cherished at the event, but also when the event is over. The whole event will be recorded and uploaded to the official TED website and later TEDx Talks channel on YouTube. This will also facilitate our friends who could not attend our event to still have the sense of enjoyment by TEDxMETUNCC.

From this event, the team of TEDxMETUNCC expects to spread understanding, treasured values and appreciation of new ideas. Through this event, our team hopes to spark imagination so that our audience can experience the world from upside down. The TEDxMETUNCC team wishes to inspire and set a new frame for our companion METUans and for our many kindred spirits around the world who will watch us in the future.


Please click here for the program.