Campus Interdisciplinary Research-Dr. Mustafa Erkut Özser


Synthetic Functional Molecules Research by Dr Mustafa Özser


Advanced Materials & Sustainable Manufacturing (AMSM) Research Group of METU NCC SEES

Advanced materials are contemporary, novel and highly versatile materials that outperform conventional ones with their superior properties. Advanced materials play a pivotal role in advancing technologies that can help build a sustainable future in all aspects. Along with the use of advanced materials, sustainable manufacturing practices aim to minimise negative environmental impacts, conserve energy and natural resources, and enhance employee, community, and product safety. Some of the activities of the group involve research on sustainable construction materials, PV solar cell design using metamaterials and carbon nanotubes, synthetic functional molecules, and mechanics and atomistic modelling of carbon nanotubes and polymer composites. You can find below a brief description of Synthetic Functional Molecules Research by Dr Mustafa Özser.

Dr Özser's research is focused on the design and synthesis of functional dye molecules (molecular assemblies, polymers, donor-acceptor couples, etc.) as potential structures for molecular electronics and photovoltaic applications. The organizational behaviour (aggregation), and photophysical, photochemical, thermal and electrochemical properties of synthesized structures are investigated.

Carbon Nanotubes - End View stock photo  Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube stock photo



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