Orientation Leadership Project (OLP) Application Acceptance

Orientation Leadership Project (OLP) Application Acceptance

Dear Friends,

Orientation Leadership Project for 2019-2020 Academic Year will be started. Orientation leadership is a process where more experienced students pass on their knowledge and skills to first year students and help with the social adjustment to university life. Volunteered orientation leaders will be recruited to take part in the project. The Project has two legs: before coming to the campus and upon arrival to the campus. Before coming to the campus, orientation leaders answer the questions of new students concerning life on the campus or direct them to relevant resources at METU NCC. Upon arrival to the campus, the orientation leaders support prospective METU NCC students in their adjustment to university life. For more information, you can call Student Development & Counseling Center (tel: 2185) or send an e-mail (nazantatmetu.edu.tr).

If you are interested in the project, please fill in the application form and indicate 2 referees’ names in the application form. Your referees must be only academic/administrative members of METU NCC. You should get into contact with your referees before indicating their name in this section. If you don’t, your reference will not be taken into consideration. Please kindly ask your referee to submit the reference form till March, 6th for the latest. The reference letters will be sent to the referees via mail by us and submitted by them via e-mail. Last date for application is February 25, 2019. Applications will be evaluated based on the application form, 2 reference letters and interview. Evaluation has two phases. First evaluation phase is completed based on the application form and reference letters. A cut off point is determined considering the number of students required for the project and applicants above the cutoff point is invited to participate in the interviews which is the second phase of the evaluation process. Information about the first phase will be shared with you via e-mail after the evaluation of applications.

Waiting for all our interested undergraduate and graduate students’ applications.

Orientation leaders of 2018-2019 Fall Semester do not need to give a referee’s name again, if they brought reference letter same semester. However, if they would like to renew, they can give a new referee’s name. In addition, leaders of 2018-2019 OLP Fall Semester will be exempted from the interview.

Please clicks for the application form:


Warmest regards, Student Development & Counseling Center (SDCC)