3654 Trees are Added to the Landscape of the Campus

On the Cyprus Campus, regular afforestation had been initiated before the buildings were constructed, in line with the METU tradition. Approximately 130,000 forest saplings have been planted within the scope of the tree planting activities held at the METU Northern Cyprus Campus over the past 15 years. The Campus focuses on the goal of becoming a sustainable campus that is home to many environmental initiatives as well as encouraging environmental consciousness stemming from a desire not to waste natural resources. In addition to forest saplings, a wide variety of wild and natural fruit trees were also planted in the forest created on the Campus land. These saplings were planted to contribute to the habitat of wildlife and to allow students and staff from nearly 50 different countries, and from various cultural backgrounds, to familiarize with species of plants that grow in our country and region. Approximately 5,000 plant species including olive, carob, citrus, sycamore, date palm, hackberry, pomegranate, peach, apricot, and myrtle trees were planted.


A fire that started in the Tepebaşı-Kalkanlı region on May 17, 2020 then spread to our University’s land and posed a life-threatening situation in the area.  The fire was brought under control after long hours of firefighting and it caused significant damage to our forest land; approximately 2,000 trees burned, both in the forest and landscape on the Campus land, including the area where residences are located.


The Campus, in collaboration with the Department of Forestry, started afforestation activities promptly in the areas burned by the fire. A project was developed to bring green back to the areas damaged and the Department of Forestry provided saplings for the project. Within the scope of this afforestation, 3,654 saplings were planted.


The following is a list of tree species that have been planted:
310 Red Pine
220 Cyprus Acacia
330 Pyramid Cypress
170 Chinaberry
93 Plane
504 Almond
119 Walnut
1.670 Carob
18 Daphne
220 Firethorn