• Can you inform us about your Society?

The METU NCC Kitchen Club has been active since the years 2017-2018. The main aim of the Kitchen Club is to improve both our culinary skills and taste palate by organizing workshops and other activities on a monthly basis.
The kitchen equipment that we have provides us with the opportunity to cook and taste the food of our choice. At the end of each workshop, we conduct feedback surveys. The data gathered through the surveys help us build a dynamic relationship between the Board of Directors and members as well as improving our association.

  • What are you activities?

We started the new academic year with a meeting, during which new members get to know each other.  We informed the members of the Club’s activities and answered the questions asked by the participants. To increase social bonding and feelings of wellbeing, we had breakfast with our members after the meeting. Thus, our members became acquainted and had an opportunity to chat with each other and to exchange ideas. The Cupcake Workshop held in November was our first activity. In addition, we sold popcorn at the Horror Night event organized by the Cinema Society. The Hamburger Workshop was the last event of the first semester. Our first activity in the second semester was the Jacket Potato Workshop. We also participated in the International Food Festival held every year in March, tried our recipes (Homemade Turkish Ravioli and Stuffed Green Peppers with Olive Oil) in the contest and competed among students campuswide. The Calzone Workshop, which was our last activity, took place in April. Finally, we participated in and enjoyed the Spring Festival. We took part in the Festival with our games  “Bring It On (Yolla Gelsin)” and “Take A Guess (Tahmin Et Bakalım)” .