Plaques of Appreciation have been presented to staff members who completed their 10th year of service

The METU Day ceremony, which takes place annually on our campus, could not be held this year due to the pandemic and their plaques of appreciation could not be presented to our staff members who have completed their 10th year of service. The plaques were presented by Prof. Dr. Ömer Turan, the Campus President, to each of the METUans entitled to receive them on Thursday, 12 November 2020.

We would like to thank our staff members for their diligent efforts and wish them many more years here at METU.

Here is a list of the staff members who completed their 10th year of service in 2020:

Assoc. Prof. Dr
Mechanical Engineering

When I think about the time I commenced working at METU Northern Cyprus Campus, I recall the excitement I felt for being a part of this young, dynamic, and energetic academic medium that set out to convey METU culture and tradition to Cyprus. An adorable campus had been built on top of a hill. As I walked to my office every morning, an exhilarating nature that I cannot keep my eyes off and a magnificent scenery of Güzelyurt Bay accompanied me.

Assoc. Prof. Dr.

We arrived on campus knowing almost nobody here but soon realized that the campus was a big extended family. There was always someone there to help us when we needed it.  The warmth of the staff made all the difference!

Assist. Prof. Dr.

My first few days at METU NCC were exciting days. The adjustment to a new life in a new country and a new working environment was very easy thanks to the warmth and kindness of the people at METU NCC."

Assist. Prof. Dr.
Business Administration

I was excited to join METU because I was aware of its worldwide reputation of excellence. But when I arrived and started working I was pleasantly surprised by how great the working environment was. My colleagues were delightful and the natural beauty of the campus and the island surroundings made me realize I made the right choice. And after ten years, I'm still very happy to call this place my home.

Directorate of Information and Communication Technologies

On my first day at METU NCC, I was introduced to the IT staff, Professor Turgut Tümer, the then Campus President, and staff of the other units respectively. It was beyond my imagination that an 'institution' such as METU existed in Cyprus. And afterwards, it did not take long for me to realize that I was a member of a huge family as well as being part of this wonderful institution.

Senior Officer
President's Office

I felt a bit anxious on my very first day at METU NCC because I had no idea of my new workplace environment. But then I developed great friendships and camaraderie within this community. I am glad that I came to this campus.

Assistant Specialist
Directorate of Administrative Affairs

On my very first day of work, I felt, above all, comfortable to be myself and I did not feel anxious at all. Thus, I was able to experience a peaceful first day of work, not a stressful one. I went through a process that allowed me to experience a variety of opportunities depending on the position I hold and in line with my work background. Most of all, I have always enjoyed being part of the METU NCC community and I have always felt all the excitement of my first day. In a nutshell, I have had a ten-year period full of many novelties and excitements. I hope that we can have many more ten years together.

Instructor Dr.
Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Assoc. Prof. Dr.