Can you tell us about your community?

The Folklore Club, which is the first student society established in our university, embodies various cultural values, particularly Turkish Folk Dances, Folk Music and Folk Drama. One of the most important aims of the Folklore Club is to provide a friendly environment where individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds can co-exist and enjoy friendship with one another through activities.

Membership applications are received at the beginning of each semester. Each year, approximately fifteen stage performances organized by the Folklore Club are held on and off-campus. These performances are led by trainers selected within the community at times. The Folklore Club is one of the most active societies on the Campus. It aims to generate inter-campus collaboration and strengthen ties between students by maintaining effective communication with the Turkish Folklore Society that caters for students at the METU Ankara Campus. The Club not only welcomes students who have experience in the fields of Folk Dances, Folk Music and Folk Drama, but it also embraces anyone who has set his or her heart on promoting intercultural sharing and understanding. The Folklore Club is an inclusive community where individuals can spend quality time together in their field of interest.