Graduation Ceremony Celebrated in Ankara

A Significant Achievement: METU Northern Cyprus Campus student shares
first place for academic performance

A METU Northern Cyprus Campus student has achieved to become one of the two highest ranking METU students in the academic year 2015-2016. The Campus also enjoyed significant success last year; two of the four students who ranked highest across the University were from the Northern Cyprus Campus of METU.

Middle East Technical University, the only Turkish university which has an overseas campus, offers educational programs through its campuses located in Ankara, Erdemli and Northern Cyprus. In the academic year 2015-2016, a total of 180 students were awarded a bachelor’s degree and 5 students earned a graduate degree from the Northern Cyprus Campus. The high scores received by the highest ranking students in each academic program have been another notable success.  During the graduation ceremony held in the METU Stadium at the Ankara Campus, the graduates and highest ranking students received their diplomas and plaques of academic achievements on Sunday, July 3.

Abdullah Al-Shihabi, a METU NCC student, became the highest ranking METU student
This year, the highest ranking student list of the METU Northern Cyprus Campus includes 5 international students, 4 Turkish students and 1 Cypriot student. Abdullah Al-Shihabi (Computer Engineering), a Palestinian student, shared first place with Çağıl Köroğlu (Electrical-Electronics Engineering – METU Ankara Campus). The names of the highest ranking students in each academic program are as follows:
Business Administration (BUS)-Erkam Gönlüaçık (Turkey); Computer Engineering (CNG)-Abdullah Al-Shihabi (Palestine-  the highest ranking METU, METU NCC and METU NCC CNG student; the highest ranking student of engineering programs); Civil Engineering (CVE)-Abdullah Wahib (Jordan); Electrical-Electronics Engineering (EEE)-Bazıl Nawaz (Pakistan); Teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL)-Selin Tanış (Turkey); Guidance and Psychological Counseling (GPC)-Seher Yıldırım (Turkey); Mechanical Engineering (MECH)-Kelvin Luis Munene (Kenya); Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (PNGE)-Joshua Mugisha (Rwanda); Political Science and International Relations (PSIR)-Demet Sır (Turkey); Psychology (PSYC)-Hazal Hoca (TRNC-the highest ranking student in the Northern Cyprus Campus Social Sciences Programs).

Professor Ahmet Acar, METU Rector: “The name METU has strong brand recognition.”

Professor Ahmet Acar, METU Rector, said that the first cohort which was admitted into the METU programs 60 years ago consisted of only 40 students and the first classes at METU were held in the temporary barracks. “Over time, with thoughtful and effective educational practices, METU grew into the academic institution it is now: a world-class university which received accreditation and gained prestigious recognition for its successes both at home and abroad. Today, the name METU has strong brand recognition. A commitment to the University’s core values and principles is a sine qua non for its enduring success. Now I can say without any doubt that all members of the METU family and friends of Middle East Technical University will keep on protecting the university culture, academic freedom and autonomy at METU because METU education is built on these values and principles: values that lie at the very core of what we mean when we speak of a METU education,” the METU Rector said.

Abdullah Al-Shihabi: “I feel incredibly privileged to study at METU, in Cyprus.”
“It is an incredible priviledge to study in a respected academic environment like METU,” Abdullah Al-Shihabi, the highest ranking METU student said. “But it is also a chance to study in Cyprus. It has been a great experience, and I have absolutely no regrets about choosing METU NCC as my place of study. I am beyond excited to have achieved such a great award. Three factors distinguish top universities from their competitors. The first: the quality of education they offer. The second factor that sets apart them is their social environment. The third factor of success is their locations and neighborhoods. METU Northern Cyprus Campus has a combination of these three factors that make it a special university. I would strongly recommend METU NCC to other students from all over the world.”