Precautions on our Campus Regarding COVID-19

Precautions on our Campus Regarding COVID-19
Here is a summary of precautions we are taking towards a continued favorable educational environment on our Campus:

- In line with the decision of the TRNC Council of Ministers, all in-class educational activities, examinations and conferences have been cancelled. 2019-2020 Spring Academic Term courses (except partially for applied courses) will be continued online (synchronously and/or a-synchronously) starting as of March 23rd, 2020, Monday until further notice.

- Events organized by the student associations and activities that require travelling en masse have been suspended.

- The administrative units of the Campus continue to provide services for continued online education and for the implementation of the necessary measures.

- To keep our students away from the crowded places, restrictions have been imposed on the working hours of the on-campus facilities and enterprises, in line with the decisions of the TRNC Council of Ministers. Cleaning and disinfection operations are carried out in accordance with defined objectives across the Campus in the facilities that are still in use.

- All dormitory managers are at work to organize and oversee the precautions taken in the dormitories. All dormitory buildings have been washed and disinfected. Students’ dorm rooms have been disinfected. The common areas in the dorms have been washed and disinfected. The frequency of room cleaning has been increased. The common areas in the dorms such as toilets, dorm entrances, corridors, kitchens, study halls, and lobbies are frequently disinfected throughout the day. Hand sanitizers have been placed in the dormitories and students are requested to ventilate their rooms and sanitize their hands frequently. Disinfection will take place every day. In addition, the work of dormitory staff is monitored and the dormitory canteens are frequently examined.

- Medico provides 7/24 health service. Students can either call 1920 or send a WhatsApp message to +90 533 850 58 26 to contact the Medico.

- The indoor areas of the Sports Center are not available for use since disinfection has started in the building.

- All academic buildings will be disinfected and closed. All surfaces are sterilized with bleach, and then with alcohol. In particular, surfaces contacted frequently such as computers, desks and doors have been sterilized.

- The Guesthouse has stopped providing accommodation to non-METU members.

- The regular checks at the eating & drinking venues have been increased. Care is taken at the highest level to ensure that hygiene measures are implemented in these venues.

- Your personnel /student ID card will be asked at the entrance of the Campus, so please keep it ready when entering.

The entire METU community is activated to support our students. If you and your family need anything during this time, please let us know.