Dance Society
The Dance Society provides instruction in Latin dances such as Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha and Tango, with the guidance of teachers Tigin Hülagü Aytaçoğlu and Semra Hoca. Participants of the dance classes have an opportunity to improve their dance skills and techniques in a relaxed environment. The Dance Society, one of the most popular student associations on campus, welcomes new members in February and October each year. It has Salsa, Tango, Intermediate Salsa, and Intermediate Tango show groups that perform more than nine shows in a variety of styles (Salsa, Bachata, Tango) every year. Tigin Hülagü Aytaçoğlu, one of the dance teachers, was named the best Turkish Male Solo Dancer in 2016 and awarded the 11th place in the world championship of dancing, which was held in Miami. The Dance Society, which is an active presence on campus, works hand in hand with the other student-run associations to organize dance events and social events. It also takes part in various performances off campus throughout the year.

Do you have any plans to offer dance classes specializing in non-Latin dances?
Yes we do; we made arrangements for modern and hip-hop dance courses, which will be offered next year.

Has any of your members participated in dance competitions?
Many of the members the Dance Society participated in various competitions held in the TRNC and Turkey. Our members who participated in the competition organized by the ST Dance Center won first, second and fourth prizes.

Does the Society welcome absolute beginners who have little or no prior experience in dancing?
The purpose of the Dance Society is to promote dancing at METU Northern Cyprus Campus. It welcomes all students including those who are completely new to dancing. We particularly encourage students who have never danced before. ‘Anyone who can walk can dance’ is the motto of the Dance Society.

How long does it take for an absolute beginner to learn how to dance ?
It takes approximately one month to learn to dance for someone who is completely new to dancing. After one year of training in the dance classes offered by the Society, an absolute beginner can dance in shows.


Contact Information:
Instagram :  metunccdance
Facebook : METU NCC Dance Society
President : Osman Çağrı Saydamlı
E-mail e186637atmetu.edu.tr
Telephone :  0533 889 55 16

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