Engineering Undergraduate Programs



  1. Students of METU Northern Cyprus Campus Engineering Programs are required to participate in an industrial summer practice program in addition to the fulfillment of course and laboratory studies as required by the B.S. degree curriculum.

  2. Departments of the Engineering Program specify the following regarding the summer practice: the year of practice, duration, topics to be covered, time to be spent on each topic, type of companies acceptable for summer practice. The minimum duration of each summer practice is 20 working days.

  3. For each program, a faculty member is assigned for administering the summer practice affairs and evaluating student reports. 

  4. Academic Board of Engineering Programs, coordinates proceedings of summer practice in terms of conditions common to all programs.

  5. Students who find their summer practice positions must submit satisfactory information (an acceptance letter with the duration and scope of activities) about the prospective workplace and should obtain the approval of the coordinating faculty member before starting the practice.

    Please be warned that practice at an unapproved institution carries the risk that the summer practice not be accepted.

    Each summer practice candidate should obtain a "Summer Practice Guide*". This guide gives general information on summer practice and contains the necessary paperwork.

  6. Students should daily record all work they perform during the practice. These notes are later copied to a Report Book (or to the Summer Practice Report) in accordance with the "Summer Practice Report Format*". The student submits the report during the registration period of the semester following the summer practice as a requirement of the course they must register (PNGE 300 and 400 for Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering). Students who do not submit their reports at the end of assigned period, are considered NOT to have fulfilled the summer practice. In addition to this report, the student might be asked for documents including additional information on the work accomplished.

  7. If a report does not conform with the standards given by the "Summer Practice Report Format*", the student will be asked to modify the report, if the summer practice was otherwise successful. If the student does not hand in the updated report by the given deadline, or if the report is rejected, the summer practice must be repeated by the student.

  8. At the beginning of summer practice, every student must deliver the summer practice performance evaluation form* (2 copies), marked "CONFIDENTIAL", to the employer. This form is provided along with the summer practice guide. At the end of the practice, one copy of these forms is sent directly to: a. the Registrar's Office by registered mail, or b. the coordinating faculty member via email, or It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the report is delivered to the University. The second copy may be retained in employer's files. 

  9. A student who receives an average "F" on his / her performance report*, or who receives an "F" in attendance grade, is required to repeat the summer practice.

  10. Summer practice grades will be reported to the Registrar's Office at the end of above procedures.


    Program coordinator will provide you with all necessary and up-to-date forms, documents and report format.

    Please submit your internship forms via: https://staj.ncc.metu.edu.tr/giris.php