Engineering Undergraduate Programs


Graduate students must take at least 7 courses (at least 21 credits). Each student’s curriculum will be determined by the student and thesis advisor according to the following rules:

  • To satisfy the mathematics course requirement, a course is selected from the following courses: MECH 521, MAT 583 or MAT 587 (or ME 521, ES 501, AEE 501, MATH 583 or MATH 587, which are equivalent of these courses).
  • At least 4 courses, excluding MECH 521, must have at least 12 credits in total, MECH 5XX or ME 5XX.
  • The program may include up to 2 courses from the three categories listed below (subject to approval of the program coordinator of the program):
    • Post-graduate courses offered in other programs,
    • Undergraduate technical elective courses given by the Mechanical Engineering Program,
    • Undergraduate technical elective courses offered by other programs.
  • Courses must be completed for a maximum of 4 semesters.
  • In addition to the course load:
    • Each graduate student must pass the non-credit MECH 590 Thesis Seminar course.
    • Each graduate student must pass the non-credit MECH 599 Research Methods and Ethics in Engineering course.
    • It is expected that graduate students must successfully write and defend a thesis before the sixth semesters.

The courses which students should take in the program can be summarized as follows:

Lesson Mandatory / Elective Course
One of the following Mathematics Courses: MECH 521 / ME 521 / ES 501 / AEE 501 / MAT 583 / MATH 583 / MAT 587 / MATH 587 Mandatory Course
MECH 500 M.S. Thesis Mandatory Course
MECH 590 Thesis Seminar Mandatory Course
MECH 599 Research Methods and Ethics in Engineering Mandatory Course
Other Courses (6) Elective Course