Engineering Undergraduate Programs


Guidelines for Internship:

A student must successfully complete the following practice courses (internship courses):

  • ASE  200 by the end of second semester
  • ASE  300 by the end of forth semester
  • ASE  400 by the end of sixth semester

Requirements for ASE 200 Internship:

Upon  completion of the first year curriculum, students are required to attend one of  the one-week model aircraft public courses offered regularly at a certified model aircraft school. International students may satisfy this requirement  by taking a similar set of courses in their own countries.

Requirements for ASE 300 Internship:

Students are expected to work for 4 weeks (20 working days) in an aerospace institution such as TAI, Turkish Air Force Air Supply and Maintenance Centers, Roketsan, Aselsan, Havelsan, Turkish Airlines, Turkish Aeronautical Association. Although it is the students’ responsibility to find internship positions, Aerospace Engineering Program of METU-NCC will help students to arrange internship positions from suitable institutions.

Requirements for ASE 400 Internship:

ASE 400 is an internship course to train students in management and administration in 4 weeks (20 working days). Students may complete this internship phase either at an aerospace institution or an industrial organization. Due to such a broad spectrum of locations, students are expected to find the appropriate positions themselves for their final internship experience. However, it is possible to get the intern quotas and allot internship positions to trainees on the basis of criteria for success and preferences of students as practised in other engineering programs.