Faculty Members

Engineering Undergraduate Programs

Faculty Members

AL-TURJMAN, FADI, Assoc. Prof. Dr., Computer Engineering, B.S., M.S., Kuwait University; Ph.D., Queen\'s University

CANDAN GÜRSES, IDIL, Instr. Dr., Computer Engineering,B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Eastern Mediterranean University

ELGEDAWY, ISLAM, Assoc. Prof. Dr., Computer Engineering,B.S., M.S., Alexandria University; Ph.D., RMIT University-Australia

EVER, ENVER, Assoc.Prof. Dr., B.S., Computer Engineering,Eastern Mediterranean University; M.S., Ph.D., Middlesex University

TOPÇU, OKAN,  Assoc. Prof. Dr., Computer Engineering, B.S., TNA; M.S., Ph.D., METU

YILMAZ YESILADA, YELIZ, Assoc. Prof. Dr., Coordinator of Computer Engineering,B.S., EMU; M.S., Ph.D., University of Manchester

Part Time Faculty

TOROSLU, İSMAİL, HAKKI, Prof. Dr., Computer Engineering, B.S. METU; M.S., Bilkent University; Ph.D., Northwestern University (METU-Ankara)

COŞAR, AHMET, Prof. Dr., Computer Engineering, B.S.,METU; M.S., Bilkent University; M.S.,Ph.D, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (From METU-Ankara)

Science and Math. Faculty

AKER, KURŞAT, Instr. Dr., Mathematics, B.S.,METU; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

DOSIEV, ANAR, Assoc. Prof. Dr., Mathematics, B.S., Novosibirsk State University; M.S., P.h.D., Baku State University

SHIKAKHWA, MOHAMMAD, Assoc. Prof. Dr., Assistant to the President, Physics, B.S., University of Jordan; M.S., Ph.D., METU