Application Process

Application Process

Online Application is open year round and evaluations are made from February 1st to July 30th each year for the coming academic year. Admissions to the program and scholarship awards are decided on a rolling basis, usually within one month of receipt of all required documents. Applications will be accepted from those who anticipate graduating by July preceding September registration.

Prepare for Online Application

There are 9 steps to complete in the Online Application Form. It involves Personal Details, Contact Information, Educational Background, Work Experience, Academic References, Statement of Interest, Transcripts, Financial Support and Form Submission. The easiest way to do this is to prepare some material and texts before starting the online application. Prepared material can then just be uploaded to the form in a trouble-free manner.

Master of Science in Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems

Master of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering 

Master of Science in Computer Engineering

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

The following is a guide on what material to prepare ready for uploading or pasting, and which information can by entered directly into the online application form.

Application link: https://apply.ncc.metu.edu.tr

Step 1 Personal Details


Family Name

Date of Birth


Passport Number


Step 2 Contact Information

Residential Address

Telephone Number

Mobile Phone Number

Step 3 Educational Background

University (name; department, address; dates attended; degree title; final CGPA)

ALES certificate (if applicable)

Language (English language qualification type; score; exam date)

Step 4 Work Experience

Company Name

Company Address

Employment dates


Step 5 Academic References
 – Check first with your academic referees whether they will write a reference for you. You need to include details of two (2) referees. An automated reference request will be sent by METU NCC to the referee's e-mail address once the Online Application Form is completed. Please inform your references that automatic message that is sent might be in junk mail.


Family Name

Telephone Number

Institution Name

Institutional Address

Step 6 Statement of Interest – Prepare and complete this statement before you start the online application. The statement should be maximum 5000 characters in length, and should include three sections:

  • Statement of the reason to enroll in this Masters program;
  • Statement of how you expect this Masters degree to build upon your undergraduate studies and/or develop your professional skills;
  • Statement of possible research areas or special interest associated with the graduate program. It should therefore refer to why you wish to pursue graduate studies; how this will contribute to your career ambitions; what skills and interests you can bring to the program; and what particular or specialist interests you have in this field. This statement, which will also show your fluency in English, should be carefully prepared and then cut and pasted into the appropriate field in the online application form.

Step 7 Transcripts and Other Documents – Prepare scanned copies of your

  •  Undergraduate transcript;
  •  Degree certificate (if it has already been issued);
  •  English proficiency certificate (if applicable) and;
  •  ALES certificate (if applicable).
  •  Each item can be scanned and saved separately (as a .jpg .pdf or .tiff file) and then each uploaded at this step. Several files can be uploaded this way and will prompt the following (if successful) "The file is valid and has been loaded successfully."

Step 8 Financial Support – Enter information about your financial position:

  • Financial Status
  • Apply for Scholarship
  • Apply for Graduate Assistantship
  • Did you hear METU NCC from an education agent

Step 9 Form Submission – Before submitting the form you may wish to print or save the application preview for your own records


All properly completed applications submitted through the Online Application Form will be evaluated by the relevant Masters Program Committee. The program committee makes decisions on whether to offer an applicant a place to study at METU NCC on the criterion of merit.

Having received a properly completed application, the program committee will make one of the following decisions.

· Unconditional Offer- The applicant has already fulfilled at least all the minimum conditions and has provided a sufficiently strong statement of interest. The making of an unconditional offer is not very common, but if made then the pre-registration process can begin.

· Conditional Offer- The applicant has fulfilled most of the minimum conditions and/or provided a statement of interest and/or some references, but has not yet fulfilled all of the conditions. The making of a conditional offer is quite common. When a conditional offer is made, the applicant will receive an offer letter (by e-mail) in which it will specify which conditions still need to be fulfilled and by what date/s. Once those conditions are fulfilled then the pre-registration process can begin.

· Rejection– The application does not fulfill the requirements of the program and is unlikely, in the view of the program committee, to be able to fulfill those requirements.

Once the terms of an offer have been completed and the applicant has made a final confirmation of her/his intention to take up the place offered, then METU NCC assumes that the offer has been accepted by the applicant. (Should a successful applicant decide not to take up the offer we request that the applicant informs us promptly).

Where an applicant has also made an application for a Scholarship or Assistantship s/he will also be informed separately of the program committee's decision, albeit slightly later.

Please prepare those documents listed before the registration period and bring along the original documents.

Documents Required for Registration

  • Original undergraduate degree diploma or letter certifying graduation
  • Official undergraduate transcript
  • Official  English language proficiency certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, EPE)
  • Official ALES certificate (if required)
  • Copy of passport pages that include identification information
  • Official certificate/exemption of military service (Republic of Turkey & TRNC males only)
  • Four color photos (4.5 x 6 cm size)
  • Bank Receipt of tuition fee payment
  • Bank Receipt indicating your English Proficiency Exam Fee Payment (if required)

After you have accepted the Master program, the first tuition fee must be paid at least one month in advance of registration (by 15th August). For detailed information about important dates please visit http://ncc.metu.edu.tr/academic-calendar