Scholarships & Assistantships

Scholarships & Assistantships

There are two basic forms of financial support that METU NCC is able to offer its graduate students; first are Graduate Research Scholarships (which partially or wholly cover tuition fees), and second is Graduate Assistantships (which provide wages for assistantship work and/or some additional benefits).

Scholarship and Assistantship positions are limited and competitive and are evaluated on the basis of merit by the appropriate Graduate Program Committee.


Graduate Assistant Scholarship aims to support the academic development of graduate students and encourage their active participation in the educational and research activities of the Campus. The Graduate Assistant Scholarships need to determine for each academic year.

Graduate Assistants (GAs) are responsible for full the tasks assigned by their program coordinators and lecturers. These tasks involve laboratory experiments, fieldwork and recitation hours, quizzes and assignments and proctoring exams. GA is expected to provide service for an average of 20 hours weekly.

The GAs receive a monthly stipend. They also benefit from free accommodation on Campus subject to the payment of the occupational charges (electricity, water, services). The GAs are entitled to 15 working days of paid vacation leave and 20 working days of paid research leave, subject to the approval of his/her thesis advisor. Graduate Assistantships are normally awarded for the duration of the study, but they are subject to annual review by the Graduate Program Committee.

Applications to a Graduate Assistant Scholarships position should be made as part of the normal application to the graduate program, at Step 8 of the online application process.


Graduate Research (GR) Scholarship is awarded to students who are interested in working on pre-determined research projects of interest to the faculty. It provides a tuition fee waiver and a monthly stipend.


Other research assistantships and fellowships are often available from externally funded research projects; information about these can be obtained through direct communication with the faculty members.

Eligibility for Graduate Assistant Scholarship

  • All applicants – irrespective of origin, nationality or citizenship – to the Master's program are eligible to apply for an Assistantship.
  • All assistantships will be assessed and awarded on the basis of merit.