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Welcome To METU NCC Economics Program

Having started education in academic year 2004-2005, the first graduating class of the Economics Program received their BSc degrees in 2008. Since then, our alumni, a short while before or after graduation, have been finding high-quality jobs especially in the private sector and receiving acceptance letters from leading universities to pursue master’s and doctorate studies in various areas, thanks to their reputable diplomas certified under METU’s guarantee. Achievements of our alumni have always been our greatest pride.

Appreciating our students as competent and esteemed economists of the future, we bring them up through METU’s institutionalized system of higher education and tradition of high-quality research. It is also part of our education policy to abide strictly by the international standards of higher education, while keeping track of scientific novelties attentively.

We combine contemporary economics curriculum of world-wide pioneering universities with the well-established academic culture of the Economics Department of the METU Ankara Campus. Highly qualified and broad enough in terms of scope and depth, our curriculum not only enables our students to succeed in post-graduate studies, job exams and interviews, but also makes them accustomed to overcoming prospective difficulties they will face in business life.

We are proud of generating competent and reputable “METU Economists”, who are well-informed in all fields of economics. The BSc Degree in Economics held by our alumni is a signal for the internalization of social-scientific thinking and acquisition of technical and analytical skills that are required in post-graduate education and business life. Equipped with a strong sense of social responsibility, our alumni are capable of developing theoretical and practical solutions to complex economic and administrative problems.

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As members of the METU Family, “we can change the world”.

You can also start to change the world by joining the “Family of METU Economists”.

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Academic Staff of the Economics Program