Job Opportunities

Economics and Administrative Sciences Undergraduate Programs

  • Benefitting from their METU NCC diplomas awarded under METU’s guarantee and reputation, a short while before or after their graduation, alumni of the Economics Program find jobs in various areas in TRNC, Turkey and the world.

  • Private sector firms, especially financial corporations, audit companies and banks always offer attractive job opportunities to our alumni.

  • Our alumni receive acceptance letters from the Master’s and doctorate programs of the leading universities in Turkey and the world.

  • Economics education in our Program is broad enough in scope and depth so that our alumni can also find jobs in public institutions like economy-related ministries, statistical institutes, competition authorities, central banks, capital market boards, regulation and supervision agencies in various countries, as well as in international economic organizations such as the World Bank, IMF, UNCTAD, etc.

  • Please click here to see the current jobs of the alumni of the Economics Program.