Economics and Administrative Sciences Undergraduate Programs

Structure of the Program

Political Science and International Relations (PSIR) Programme lasts four years.  All of teh courses in first and second year are composed of must courses, while in the third and fourth years courses are made of of a combination of must and elective courses.  The content of the courses are listed below (You can reach to the course programme and/or website by clicking on the course names written in bold)


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First Semester
PSIR 101 Introduction to Sociology and Politics (3-0) 3
PSIR 105 World History, 1453-1914 (3-0) 3
PSIR 111 Study Skills in Social and Political Sciences (3-0) 3
ECO 101 Microeconomics (4-0) 4
ENGL 101 Development of English Reading and Writing (4-0) 4
GPC 100 First Year on Campus Seminar (0-2) 1
TUR 101 Turkish I * (2-0) NC
Second Semester
PSIR 108 Issues in Global Politics (3-0) 3
PSIR 110 International History, 1914-1989 (3-0) 3
PSIR 112 Statistics for Political Scientists (3-0) 3
ECO 102 Macroeconomics (4-0) 4
CNG 100 Introduction to IT & Applications (2-0) NC
ENGL 102 Development of English Reading and Writing II (4-0) 4
TUR 102 Turkish II * (2-0) NC
Third Semester
PSIR 203 History of Political Thought I (3-0) 3
PSIR 212 Comparative Politics (3-0) 3
PSIR 218 Political Sociology (3-0) 3
PSIR 237 Principles of Law (3-0) 3
ENGL 211 Academic Oral and Presentation Skills (3-0) 3
HST 201 Principles of Kemal Atatürk I * (2-0) NC
Fourth Semester
PSIR 202 Constitutional Law (3-0) 3
PSIR 206 History of Political Thought II (3-0) 3
PSIR 210 Theories of International Relations (3-0) 3
PSIR 211 Comparative Government (3-0) 3
PSIR 214 War and Peace Studies (3-0) 3
HST 202 Principles of Kemal Atatürk II * (2-0) NC
Fifth Semester
PSIR 303 Public International Law (3-0) 3
PSIR 305 International Political Economy (3-0) 3
ENGL 311 Advanced Communication Skills (3-0) 3
E Elective 1 (3-0) 3
E Elective 2 (3-0) 3
Sixth Semester
PSIR 304 International Organizations (3-0) 3
PSIR 306 Processes of European Integration (3-0) 3
E Elective 3 PSIR 308 Gender and Politics  (3-0) 3
E Elective 4 (3-0) 3
E Elective 5 (3-0) 3
Seventh Semester
PSIR 401 Contemporary Political Theory (3-0) 3
PSIR 403 Contemporary Issues in Global Political Economy (3-0) 3
E Elective 6 (3-0) 3
E Elective 7 (3-0) 3
E Elective 8 (3-0) 3
Eighth Semester
PSIR 400 Graduation Project (0-6) 3
PSIR 404 Contemporary Issues in War and Peace (3-0) 3
E Elective 9 (3-0) 3
E Elective 10 (3-0) 3
E Elective 11 (3-0) 3

Organisation of the program

      The PSIR programme is organized around three types of courses:
      • Core or compulsory (‘must’) courses: all PSIR students must take these courses,
      • Elective courses: all PSIR students take a number of electives from a range of options,
      • Exchange courses: some students who study abroad or on exchange programmes are exempted from courses taken at other institutions or transfer their credits back to METU NCC.
      ‘Irregular‘ students should consult with their student advisor and exchange students should consult with the programme co-ordinator regarding exemptions, variations to prerequisites, and transfer of credits, or any other individual circumstances. Some courses, both core and elective, are provided by programmes other than PSIR.
      Some courses, both core and elective, are provided by programmes other than PSIR.

Core courses, elective courses and course choice

      In order to graduate, students must take a minimum of 40 credit courses : 29 core (‘must’) courses and 11 elective courses.
      • All PSIR credit courses are 3-credit courses. (Some courses provided by other programmes are 4 credit courses)
      • All students must complete all core courses (compulsory).
      • All first level courses are to be core courses.
      • All second level courses are to be core courses.
      • Third and fourth level courses must be taken according to the following rule :
        In addition to compulsory courses, students must take at least seven of their elective courses from the PSIR list. Of the remaining non-PSIR portion, a maximum of four courses may be taken from any other programme. The electives to be taken at METU Ankara during the summer school need to have prior approval of the PSIR co-ordinator. Otherwise they will not count.The only exception to the above mentioned rules is fort he students who are taking a second language course and wants to take continous courses of the same language.


      Students may select electives, in accordance with the rules above, from a list of elective courses which will be published each year. The range of PSIR electives hitherto offered in the programme have included the following :
        PSIR 311 Nations and Nationalism
        PSIR 314 Political Economy of Turkey
        PSIR 316 Understanding Capitalism
        PSIR 320 International Human Rights
        PSIR 322 History of the Cyprus Conflict
        PSIR 323 Political Psychology
        PSIR 333 States and Societies in Central Asia
        PSIR 340 Politics in International Migration
        PSIR 341 Contemporary Social Theory
        PSIR 343 International Development
        PSIR 345 Turkish Foreign Policy
        PSIR 348 Public Opinion & International Relations
        PSIR 381 Development and the Developing World
        PSIR 413 Comparative Political Cultures : Greece, Turkey, Cyprus
        PSIR 415 Political Economy of Environment and Energy
        PSIR 416 Terrorism and Global Society
        PSIR 418 International Humanitarian Law
        PSIR 420 Politics and Society in Turkey
        PSIR 421 Transitional Justice
        PSIR 423 Historical Sociology and International Relations
        PSIR 424 Theories of Diplomacy
        PSIR 425 Ethics and International Relations
        PSIR 427 Approaches to State-Society Relations
        PSIR 428 Politics of Literature
        PSIR 429 International Politics of Oil
        PSIR 430 Imperialism & Making of the Modern Middle East
        PSIR 431 Law and Institutions of the European Union
        PSIR 451 Theories of Democracy
        PSIR 454 Ottoman Diplomacy and the European States System
        PSIR 463 Russian Foreign Policy
        PSIR 470 Turkey and the EC/EU
      PSIR 559 Politics and Society in Latin America