Northern Cyprus Campus

Minor Program in Economics



Introductory Microeconomics (ECO101 or equivalent)

Introductory Macroeconomics (ECO102 or equivalent)

Introductory Calculus (MAT101 or equivalent)

Introductory Statistics (BUS152 or equivalent)

Core Courses

ECO 201 Intermediate Microeconomics (4-0)4

ECO 202 Intermediate Macroeconomics (4-0)4

In addition to the core courses listed above the students will also take 4 other courses that will depend on the track that they choose.

Economic Policy Track:

Two courses from the following list

ECO 302 Public Finance

ECO 306 Monetary Theory and Policy

ECO 451 Industrial Economics

ECO 452 Agricultural Trade Policies

ECO 498 Labor Market Economics

+2 approved ECO electives

Quantitative Economics Track:

ECO 205 Statistics for Economists (4-0)4

ECO 475 Introduction to Mathematical Economics I (3-0)3

+2 approved ECO electives

International Economics Track:

ECO 303 International Trade Theory and Policy (3-0)3

ECO 304 International Macroeconomics (3-0)3

+2 approved ECO electives