Minor Program in Engineering Management

MINOR PROGRAM IN Engıneerıng Management

Engineers often assume leadership and/or management roles after initial stages of their career to be productive in large projects with high impact.

This minor program is open to all engineering students.

Conditions of Minor Program Completion

There are a total of 6 courses in this minor program; 3 of them are mandatory, and 3 of them are elective courses. Students must take engineering economy, statistics, and management science courses to get the fundamentals of engineering management. Some of these courses may be taken as a part of the students’ major program.

In that case, those courses can be counted towards the Engineering Management minor program. The remaining three elective courses would give insight into engineering management.

Compulsory Courses

Course Name Prerequisites*
ECO 280 Engineering Economy (3-0)3
PNGE 411 Petroleum Property Valuation (3-0)3
- -
STAS 221 Statistics for Engineers I (3-0)3
CVE 303 Probability and Statistics for Civil Engineers (3-0)3
EEE 330 Probability and Random Variables (3-0)3
MAT 120 MAT 119

MAT 120

BUS 352 Management Science (3-0)3 BUS 152 or ECO 205 or PSIR 112 or STAS 221 or CVE 303 or EEE 330

*Please check the Student Affairs Information System to see the most updated course information.

Elective Courses**

Code Elective Course Name Prerequisites*
ECO 101
ECO 210
Microeconomics (4-0)4
Principles of Economics (3-0)3
- -
BUS 142 Financial Accounting (3-0)3 -
BUS 221 Organizational Behavior and Social Psychology (3-0)3 -
BUS 222 Organization Theory (3-0)3 -
BUS 321 Human Resource Management (3-0)3 -
BUS 361 Operations Management (3-0)3 -
BUS 391 Innovation Management (3-0)3 -
BUS 418 Project Management (3-0)3 BUS 152 or PSIR 112
BUS 431 Information Systems (3-0)3 -
BUS 457 Decision Analysis (3-0)3 BUS 152
BUS 461 Supply Chain Management (3-0)3 -

*Please check the Student Affairs Information System to see the most updated course information.
**Other courses may be accepted as an elective course upon the approval of the minor program coordinator. 

Summary Table for Engineering Students

The following summary table is given as information for the engineering students; thus, it is not a binding table. The detailed program should be discussed with the academic advisor in the major program and the minor program coordinator.

The minimum requirement for completing a minor, based on respective METU directive, is the completion of 6 courses and 18 credits, with no less than 4 courses outside the major program curriculum.

Major Program Engr. Economy Statistics Management # of Electives Total # of Courses in Addition to the Major Program
ASE n/a in major 3 4***
CHME n/a in major 3 4***
CNG n/a in major STAS 221 n/a in major 3 4****
CVE ECO 280 CVE 303 n/a in major 3 4
EEE n/a in major EEE 330 n/a in major 3 4****
MECH ECO 280 n/a in major n/a in major 3 4****
PNGE n/a in major CVE 303 n/a in major 3 4****

***The remaining number of courses is calculated if two courses (must or elective) are counted towards major program.
****The remaining number of courses is calculated if one course (must or elective course) is counted towards major program.