Minor Program in Mechatronics


Mechatronics is the methodology and design philosophy which comprises various technological fields involving analysis and design of sensors, drives, actuators and systems of measurements as well as their microprocessor based controls. Mechatronic systems require multidisciplinary knowledge and effort, embedding several fundamental disciplines; electrical engineering and electronics, computer science and information technology, and mechanical engineering with emphasis on fundamental engineering design methodology. The primary goal of this minor program is to provide successful and motivated students with extensive understanding of mechatronics, and prepare them for interdisciplinary professions. The program is specifically designed for Mechanical and Electrical and Electronic Engineering students.

Courses from MECH Curriculum Courses from EEE Curriculum

Compulsory courses:

MECH 113 Computer Aided Engineering Drawing (2-2)3

MECH 205 Statics (3-0)3

MECH 206 Strength of Materials (3-0)3

MECH 208 Dynamics (3-0)3

MECH 301 Theory of Machines (3-0)3

MECH 307 Principles of Machine Design (3-0)3

MECH 308 Design of Machine Elements (3-0)3

MECH 462 Mechatronic Design (3-2) 4


Total Credits: 25


Two of the following courses:

MECH 418 Dynamics of Machinery (3-0)3

MECH 429 Mechanical Vibrations (3-0)3

MECH 431 Kinematic Synthesis of Mechanisms (3-0)3

MECH 432 Acoustics and Noise Control Engineering (3-0)3

MECH 434 Advanced Strength of Materials (3-0)3

MECH 440 Numerically Controlled Machine Tools (3-0)3

MECH 442 Design of Control Systems (3-0)3

Compulsory courses:

EEE 201 Circuit Theory I (4-2)5

EEE 202 Circuit Theory II (4-2)5

EEE 212 Semiconductor Devices and Modeling (3-0)3

EEE 248 Logic Design (3-2)4

EEE 311 Electronics I (3-2)4

EEE 312 Electronics II (3-2)4

EEE 347 Introduction to Microprocessors (3-2)4


Total Credits: 29



 Two of the following courses:

EEE 301 Signals and Systems I (3-0)3

EEE 361 Electromechanical Energy Conversion I (3-2)4

EEE 402 Discrete Time Systems     (3-0)3

EEE 430 Digital Signal Processing  (3-0)3

CNG 462 Artificial Intelligence       (3-0)3

CNG 466 Fundamental Image Processing Techniques (3-0)3