2019-2020 Seminars

Economics and Administrative Sciences Undergraduate Programs

2019 – 2020 Economics and Politics Seminar Series
2019/2020 Fall Speakers and Topics List

 Spring 2020 Program

Dates Speakers Topics

19 Feb.

Sadi İhsan Ercan

Finance, Debt and the Transformation of State:



Political Stability in Turkey, 1980-2019

26 Feb.

Ozan Eruygur

Total Factor Producivity Growth in Turkish Agriculture




4 Mar.

Korhan Gökmenoğlu

Determinants of Inflation in TRNC



and the Role of the Central Bank

11 Mar.

Fatma Güven Lisaneliler

Gender Analysis of Structural Adjustment Programs



and Gender Budgeting: Case of North Cyprus

18 Mar.

Ali Rıza Taşkale

Speculative Fiction vs Speculative Finance:



Fighting for the Future

25 Mar.

Rebecca Bryant





1 Apr.

Stavros Tombazos





8 Apr.






15 Apr.






22 Apr.

Sevil Acar

Electricity Generation Failures and the Capacity



Remuneration Mechanism in Turkey

29 Apr.

Şirin Saraçoğlu

Gendered Evaluation of Participation in Global Value 



Chains:The Case of Turkey

06 May.






  Fall 2019 Program

Dates Speakers Topics

9 Oct.

Mehmet Ali Talat

Değişen Kıbrıs sorunu: Yeni hedefler, yeni roller




16 Oct.

Bülent Evre

Factors of Political Behaviour




23 Oct.

Glenn Jenkins

An Integrated Appraisal of Wind Farms in Ontario Canada




30 Oct.

Selin Sayek Böke

Türkiye Ekonomisi Nereden Nereye?




6 Nov.

Atay Demirel

The Dynamics of the Existence and the Expansion of Global Capital in the TRNC

13 Nov.

Zanete Garanti

Baltic States economy:



 Overview of Pre and Post Crisis Period

20 Nov.

Ahmet Sözen

Quo Vadis Cyprus Conflict and the Eastern Mediterranean




27 Nov.

Nur Koprulu

Middle East Since the Arab Uprisings:



 Between Change and Stability

4 Dec.

Panayiotis Pentelides

Natural resources and economic development:



The case of Cyprus

11 Dec.

Ayla Ogus Binatlı

Rational Addiction: The Case of the Turkish Theatregoers




18 Dec.

Özgür Orhangazi

Competition and Monopoly in the U.S. Economy: What Do Industrial Concentration Data Tell?

25 Dec.

Bilge Azgın

Otokratikleşme Üzerine Düşünceler: Türkiye ve Ötesi