Engineering Undergraduate Programs


Our research interests focus on reservoir engineering, reservoir simulation, reservoir characterization, petroleum geology, core analysis, log analysis, Eastern Mediterranean hydrocarbons, optimization of waterflooding, enhanced oil recovery processes, computational intelligence applications to reservoir engineering problems. Our research is conducted in collabration with the Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering at METU Ankara at the graduate level and also through our senior-year technical elective course PNGE 490 Petroleum Engineering Research at the undergraduate level. Some recent studies completed include (also presented at the 19thInternational Petroleum and Natural Gas Congress and Exhibition of Turkey):

    • Micro scale sweep visualization experiments using carbonate samples (M.T. Khan, M. Zeytçioğlu, S. Saner)
    • Compressional and tensile strengths of Miocene Sandstones of Eastern Mediterranean (T. Burak, T. Beydeş, S. Saner)
    • A case study for understanding waterflood performance and reservoir connectivity using analytical tools (B. Fernandes, Y. Cabral, E. Artun)
    • Simulation of possible oil spills in İskenderun Bay and the Eastern Mediterranean between Anatolia and Cyprus (M. Chilongo, K. Guliyev, I. Durgut)