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Student Profiles


Mehmet Can Atalay

Computer and communication technologies are the most significant developments of our era, and METU NCC, as a university, has an innovator attitude towards this areas. Especially, computer engineering department has the most up-to-date curriculum, and they keep track of recent developments. Furthermore, METU NCC has great academic staff, and they take care of each student with great  interest. From my point of view, choosing computer engineering in METU NCC was a right decision.



Orkun Can Düzgün

“Nowadays, computer has become one of the basic demand for humans. People use computers to socialize, to get informed and to entertain, in other words, computers have become our life. That’s why I choose METU NCC Computer Engineering and that’s the right decision for my future. With the innovative education and campus, qualified instructors, I can develop my computer skills easily. I am sure that, when I graduate from METU NCC, my education and skills will help me to have a great carreer and quality of life. Thanks for all of these possibilities that METU NCC offers.”




Yiğit Beykan Şahin

“In Technology Era that we live, computers have a big part of our lifes. Computer engineers have an important place in this era. We can make computers better. However, to achieve that firstly we need to have a good education and good backgrounds. METU NCC gives a high-quality education to future generation engineers in best way with high-qualified academic staffs. Education ,in there, is just a beginning of something big. We can build our future stronger and easier if we take advantage of education that we take and academic staffs’ experiences. All these things are provided by METU NCC’s high-quality education that accepted by many developed countries. That’s why, METU NCC is a unique opportunity for future generation computer engineers.”