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Ozan Çaglar Inaç

I am Ozan Çaglar INAÇ. I graduated from the Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus Civil Engineering Program back in 2011. Since I believe that Construction sector is the leading sector in Turkey and also being influenced by my family members, I decided to study Civil Engineering. The university education affects one’s whole life. That’s why I chose to study at METU NCC. After graduation, I got acceptance from the “MSc Construction Management” Program of Reading University in England. But I preferred to gain experience in construction sector and complete the MSc program on Construction Management afterwards. I have been working at a Construction Company from June 2011 until now. The first thing which I realized during my internships and working life is the quality of my education that I received at METU NCC. When I encounter with a problem at the site, I can solve the problem with the theoretical knowledge which I obtained during my undergraduate education. We had good educational conditions such as: the availability of academicians for questions, well equipped laboratories, library and the high quality physical conditions at our campus. In addition to educational conditions, students have good opportunities regarding social life. METUNCC has many social clubs and sport activities. By the help of these social opportunities, we developed good friendships during our education.

When I look at my university life, I believe that I made the correct decision by preferring to study at METU NCC. I am thankful to my tutors who prepared me for life and I recommend METU NCC to all prospective students. I am honored that I am part of the METU family.



Selçuk Atak

I graduated from the Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus Civil Engineering Program back in 2011. Within one week after graduation, I started working at TAV Construction which is one of the largest companies globally regarding airport construction. Now, I am working as a site engineer in New Doha International Airport Project in Qatar. I have received a lot of contribution from the high quality education of METU NCC, with which I made a good entrance to the business world. Throughout my undergraduate education, I had different courses related to Structural Analysis, Fundamentals of Steel Design, Soil Mechanics and Water Resources. Thanks to those courses, I have adopted easily to the steel department where I am working at now. Moreover, with the concern and self-confidence provided from METU NCC faculty members, I realized as an alumni that I started my career one step ahead of lots of people. That’s why I can easily say that METU NCC is the best decision that I have made in my life. Finally, I want to thank to all faculty members regarding all their support and contributions to my education when I was at the METU NCC.



Emre Gök

I am a fourth year student in the Civil Engineering Program at METU NCC. I am originally from Adana. I think in a developing country like Turkey, civil engineering has a bright future. It is rewarding to see a construction rise for which countless hours of labor were spent at the design and construction stages. I observed the level of education at METU during summer practices where I collaborated from engineering students from other universities. There are many activities that students can choose from in the campus such as sports, student clubs, concerts and seminars. We also have a student club entitled ‘Construction Club’ which is aimed at increasing the enthusiasm level among civil engineering students. As METU NCC is a newly established campus, there are some problems but I believe overall it is continuously improving in many areas. I think the level of education, the quality of faculty members, and the solid infrastructure of the campus make METU NCC a good choice for university education.



Erdem Korkmaz

I am a senior student in the Civil Engineering Program and I am from Ankara. I chose civil engineering profession because of its high prestige and future. The reason I came to METU NCC is the quality of education at METU NCC. I am very satisfied with my learning experience here. The low student/faculty member ratio allows us to interact with the faculty members and learn from their personal experiences as well. The social and cultural activities, the experience of METU and the technological infrastructure make METU NCC a special school.




Derya Nereli

I am a fourth year student majoring in civil engineering. I was born in Istanbul but I live in Cyprus. As both my parents are architects, I got interested in design of buildings and how they stand up. I first wanted to be an architect but then I realized that civil engineering profession is well accepted in Cyprus, and changed my mind to become a civil engineer. The well respected and trusted name of METU easily convinced me to get my education at the Northern Cyprus Campus. Any doubts we had disappeared when we face the level of education here. We have a small student body and we interact with faculty members effortlessly. The quality of our faculty members is very high and they are always available for assistance. I am also quite happy with the campus life. The award-winning buildings, social and cultural activities and well equipped laboratories, and the high level of education provide a good opportunity for the students to improve themselves and I am happy that I was able to take advantage of this opportunity.



Erdal Sahin

I was born in Malatya where I received my elementary and high school education. After the 1999 Marmara Earthquake, seeing collapsed homes and lost lives I decided to be a civil engineering who is excelled in his profession. Many family members of mine are graduates of METU. But my ÖSS point was not sufficient to continue my education at the Ankara Campus. So I decided to come to METU NCC to become a civil engineer. As my graduation date approaches, I realize my decision to come here was the right one. Because the education I received at the Civil Engineering Program at METU NCC helped me realize my dream of becoming a knowledgeable civil engineer. The faculty members can spend one-on-one time with the students as a result of the small number of students in the classroom. Laboratories help us to see the practical point of view and also improve our understanding of theoretical concepts. Living in Cyprus also provides a good opportunity to learn about different cultures and progress communication skills. I think METU NCC taught us what it means to be a METU graduate with both the level of education and social and cultural activities in the campus.



Sinan Yıldırım

Civil engineering is a well recognized profession which is open to technological advancements. Contributing to a construction from design to completion is a great feeling. More importantly, it provides knowledge in diverse areas such as soil mechanics, hydraulics, and structural mechanics. When I chose METU NCC, I knew that being a student there would involve some difficulties but being a member of the METU family and the quality of education make it worthwhile. I believe METU NCC is successful in teaching students how to seek information and the general engineering point of view.