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The mission of METU Northern Cyprus Campus Mechanical Engineering Program is to educate innovative engineers who are well-armed with universal knowledge and skills, committed to lifelong learning and well-equipped with the expertise necessary to meet present and future needs of the industry and the world of technology.


In the METU Cyprus Mechanical Engineering Program, we aim to educate innovative engineers who are well-armed with universal knowledge and skills, fully committed to lifelong learning as a principle and well-equipped with the expertise necessary to meet present and future needs of the industry.

Backed up with the 61 years of expertise and prestige gained by METU Ankara and distinctive opportunities delivered by METU Cyprus, our undergraduate degree program educates the future mechanical engineers. Committed to a well-rounded curriculum designed by field specialists to keep up with today's technology and latest research in the field, the program produces qualified engineers, who have the ability to cope with the innovations and developments in the industry. The interactive campus environment provides opportunities for students to communicate directly with their instructors when they have issues that need addressing and thus to fix their problems more efficiently.

Mechanical engineering is the foundation and the most representative field of engineering. Graduates of the field can have a wealth of opportunities to specialize in different areas across a variety of different industries. They can find jobs in numerous fields, particularly in the whiteware, automotive and defense industries, in the areas of research and development, design, manufacture, installation, management, and maintenance and repair services, or they can pursue further studies to specialize in different branches of engineering if they wish.

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What is Mechanical Engineering?

Why Mechanical Engineering?

Why Mechanical Engineering at METU Cyprus?

METUans are committed and dedicated individuals who believe in their potential to change the world. By choosing the Mechanical Engineering Program at METU Cyprus, you can also have innovative, competitive and hands-on education in a field that offers growing career opportunities. In addition, you can be actively engaged in efforts to make the world a better place, starting from your immediate surroundings.

We hope to see you at METU Cyprus.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering that is particularly concerned with the design, development, manufacture, operation and maintenance of engines and machines, tools and other mechanical devices. A mechanical engineering curriculum is diverse and the breadth of the mechanical engineering discipline allows students a variety of career options. Graduates are employed in many fields of technology, from heating and air conditioning systems to robots; from artificial organs to automotive applications; from manufacturing processes to nanotechnology.

A four-year undergraduate curriculum in mechanical engineering provides students with core knowledge and expertise related to forces and motion, materials, heat and energy, fluid mechanics, and control of new systems and devices required to work in the fields of research and development, design, manufacture and management.

Why Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is one of the core branches of engineering. It overlaps with other engineering disciplines such as manufacturing engineering, mechatronics engineering and automotive engineering, and particularly with metallurgy engineering, industrial engineering and aeronautical engineering, which basically originate from mechanical engineering. A basic mechanical engineering education will enable students to broaden their fields of expertise and thus open up opportunities for them to use the knowledge and skills they have acquired.

Basic sciences, engineering knowledge and skills, and other related subjects are covered in a balanced way in the mechanical engineering curriculum, which is supplemented by modern laboratory facilities. Students undertake basic sciences courses during the first year of their studies, whereas the second year is dedicated to engineering knowledge and skills. The third-year curriculum is designed to provide exposure to the major mechanical engineering subjects. Finally, elective courses that involve design and applications in mechanical engineering are included in the fourth-year curriculum.

Our graduates can easily get jobs or pursue a career in the fields they want. They have a wider range of employment opportunities compared to graduates of other engineering disciplines. If they wish, they can benefit from the career opportunities in other fields as well.

Why Mechanical Engineering at METU Cyprus?

METU Cyprus Mechanical Engineering Program was initiated based on the valuable experience gained by the program offered in the same field at the Ankara campus of METU. Through the contributions of METU Ankara faculty, our program flourished. It offers students an opportunity to study in small, interactive classrooms that increase one-on-one attention, and thus student-teacher interaction, which leads to more effective learning. It offers them the opportunity to earn a METU degree while also gaining valuable experience at a university connected across the globe. Upon successful completion of their education in the program, which is equivalent to the education provided in the Mechanical Engineering Program at METU Ankara, our graduates receive a METU diploma.

The program emphasizes the development of students' competence in the field of mechanical engineering as well as of their social skills and communication skills. The diverse and global environment of METU Cyprus encourages students to develop as individuals with vision. Our graduates are employed in positions that are in high demand in the sector as well as being admitted to post-graduate programs at leading universities.