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The goal of the Computer Engineering Program at Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus is to teach, produce and disseminate theory, principles, practice and know-how of computing for the critical analysis, design, evaluation, and improvement of computer-based systems in the contexts of computers and man, computers and the society, computers and the industry and services.


The main aim of the Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus Computer Engineering Program is to nurture qualified engineers in the field of informatics while contributing to the worldwide developments in the field. A diverse range of topics are explored in the program, balancing theory and applications. In this regard, instructors and students disseminate the self-produced scientific, technological and social knowledge, or the knowledge that they have acquired, and generate ideas on possible outcomes.

During the first two years of their study, Computer Engineering students undertake basic engineering courses. The second half of the study is dedicated to the core courses of the field, including computer hardware and architecture, programming languages, data structures and algorithms, operating systems, and communication networks. Through a variety of elective courses, they are provided with the opportunity to improve and enrich their technical knowledge. Most of the departmental courses are supplemented by theoretical studies and intensive practical work.  In our program, the instructor-to-student ratio is at the desired level, and this strengthens the rapport between students and instructors.

Our program nurtures forward-looking computer technology workers with a pioneering spirit, who have innovative research ideas, products and talents; who will act in line with the ethics of scientific,  technological and social responsibility; and who are equipped with cutting edge knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform in the field of information and communication technologies. The program equips students with skills and knowledge required to meet the needs of today's business market and encourages them to become lifelong learners so that they can adapt to rapidly changing information and communication technologies. In line with this goal, we empower our students through theoretical and fundamental knowledge and provide them with a student-centered learning environment, where they can develop applications to solve the problems of the new century using the knowledge they have acquired. The student-to-instructor ratio in the program allows us to increase the time allocated to each student and thus to create a more productive learning environment.

Today, computer technology plays an active role in almost every aspect of life, especially in the areas of communication, health, education, economic and social restructuring, defense, banking, and in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, computer engineering is the field that provides the most job opportunities nowadays. Graduates of the METU Northern Cyprus Campus Computer Engineering Program hold positions at information technology units of banks, corporations and large-scale industrial organizations; at software houses in Turkey and abroad; at state-shared companies and public institutions in the defense industry and companies engaged in all kinds of electronic and hardware production activities that involve software elements. Those wishing to pursue an academic career have the opportunity to study on scholarship basis at leading universities in Turkey and abroad.

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What is Computer Engineering?

Why Computer Engineering?

Why Computer Engineering at METU Cyprus?

The METU Cyprus Computer Engineering Program is ideal for you if you want to build an outstanding career in this competitive field, which will shape the world's future. On our website, you will find information about the program, our research activities, faculty and staff members.

What is Computer Engineering?

Computer Engineering is the branch of engineering that develops software, hardware and communication network solutions to facilitate human life in all areas on the scientific basis provided by the theory of computer science and thus shapes human life. Computer Engineering has always had a strong mathematical basis. The undergraduate curriculum focuses on computer sciences, hardware and software data structures, algorithms, programming languages, computer architectures, computer networks, databases, and software engineering.

Why Computer Engineering?

Computers and the conveniences they provide for us are indispensable parts of our life. The demand for computer engineers grows fast in all fields of work where computers are required. As a result of this, computer engineers are offered attractive job opportunities. Innovative solutions developed under the creative leadership of computer engineering are becoming more prevalent in today's information age, and there is an opportunity to put creative ideas into practice in the field of computer engineering without any large capital investment. Computer entrepreneurs who have created the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are shaping the world's future. Thus, computer engineering is the right choice for the candidates who wish to become part of this innovative field and to contribute to the field of informatics.

Why Computer Engineering at METU Cyprus?

METU hosted the first computer engineering department in Turkey. Today, the METU Computer Engineering Department, which has the largest faculty and broadest curriculum among its peer departments in Turkey, is an ABET-accredited* department delivering high quality education. The METU Cyprus Computer Engineering Program was established in light of that deep-rooted experience of computer engineering, and it completely reflects the expertise gained and principles embraced by the Ankara Campus of METU. With its rich infrastructure, modern and aesthetic campus, and qualified faculty, METU Cyprus provides a comprehensive and successful undergraduate program, updated in line with the latest developments regularly. Our graduates are employed across a varied range of fields. They work at national (Roketsan, Havelsan, Cybersoft, THY, etc.) or global companies (IBM, Microsoft, Huawei, etc.) and continue their graduate studies.

*ABET is a global accreditor of college and university programs in the disciplines of applied science, computing, engineering and engineering technology.